Phaedra Parks & Porsha Williams Didn’t Realize They Were Being Filmed While Gossiping About Kandi Burruss Hooking Up With Shamea Morton

Not only was I surprised by the gossip of Porsha Williams’s best friend Shamea Morton having a sexual relationship with Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker, but I was also surprised that the self-proclaimed southern belle Phaedra Parks was the one who said it.

We never see Phaedra being lewd in that way, especially with gross sexual hand gestures. So why was she acting “so out of character.” Kandi claims that actually is the real Phaedra and that she, Porsha, and Sheree Whitfield were under the impression that the cameras weren’t rolling during that conversation. How would seasoned reality TV stars not know that they were being filming for their own show? Kandi explained exactly how that works and that it justifies the scandalous gossip that we all got to watch this season on Real Housewives of Atlanta.


That lunch scene was not a good look for Porsha or Phaedra. Phaedra was spilling the tea and stepping away from the lady-like persona that she has tried to build up over the years. Porsha looked like the worst “best friend” in the entire world for letting Phaedra drag her girl Shamea. So obviously the people who edit RHOA had to show that part. There’s no way they wouldn’t.

I still don’t get how Phaedra, Sheree, and Porsha could ever be surprised that this scene made the episode, but Kandi explained how it all works in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, “I think you guys should know this. There are times where, we go eat, we might talk for a while, then they might give us a break [from the cameras] to eat, and then, you know, whatever.” And the conversation about Kandi and Shamea’s alleged sexual activity happened during one of those food breaks when one of the cameras captured the convo from behind a bush. The camera crew is even shadier than the Housewives.

Phaedra rarely curses on camera, so to see her making a blatantly sexual hand gesture to describe Kandi and Shamea while she whispered “they f-ck” was very shocking, but it all makes sense now that Kandi explained how things work behind the scenes. They had no idea the cameras were recording them. Still, I think it’s stupid to say any of that when the crew was present. For their sakes, they should really be more careful, but the viewers were living for the tea being spilled.

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Phaedra, Porsha and Sheree were out to lunch, speaking normally about Phaedra’s falling out with Kandi. Then, all of a sudden, one camera started filming the women from behind a bush, and the ladies were speaking in hushed tones. Kandi says, in that moment, her co-stars had no idea they were being recorded.

Initially, I felt bad for Kandi that her former bestie Phaedra was talking shit about her, but it really Phaedra look bad, if anything. Kandi explained, “That’s what I try to tell people. There’s things that [Phaedra] does and says off-camera that she never does on-camera, so that’s why you guys don’t get to see the real deal. But that episode, they caught her red-handed.” Yes, they did. Although Kandi got brought into a scandalous story, at the very least, her enemy looked shady as hell.

And apparently Kandi has no issue with the scene airing even though the women were gossiping about her. Kandi admitted, “I think it was so funny. I actually cracked up laughing when I saw that episode.” I don’t blame her. That was a really unflattering scene for Phaedra, so it can definitely be chalked up as a win for Kandi.

Kandi explained how not knowing that the cameras were rolling actually had a ripple effect for the drama that’s still to come on the season. “Seeing as they didn’t know that part was going to air … when they [later] drop this ‘bomb’ of Kandi is an in-the-closet, undercover lesbian … I confront [Porsha] and I say, ‘But you kissed me in the club, we did all this… so, basically, we’re in the same boat, sister.’ And then she’s like, ‘Oh, you tried to get me and Todd, me, Shamea to do something.’ I was like, ‘You a big liar!'”

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Okay, so why is that a big deal? Porsha tries to undermine Kandi all the time. Kandi connected the dots there and added,  “If that was the case, why didn’t she mention that I tried to get her to do something when she threw her best friend under the bus weeks ago?” Damn. That makes a lot of sense. Porsha didn’t mention that because she thought the cameras were not rolling and she wanted to wait until she could say it when they were. That makes complete sense to me.

Kandi reiterated her point that Porsha is a liar when she said, “Her story changes all the time, people. All the time.” That’s not really shocking. Although I think Porsha has an entertaining personality and ridiculous quotes that would make her a solid reality TV star, she rarely has an actual story line (pondering to have a baby, the short-lived non-boyfriend relationships etc), so it wouldn’t shock me that she was trying to shit stir to keep her spot on the show.

Nevertheless, Kandi did tease some drama between her and Porsha and I’m pumped to watch that. Kandi said, “I’m definitely done with her. She and I are going to have really heated exchanges, where I’m gonna be the one blowing up, but I felt like she was purposefully doing and saying things to get under my skin.” I’m excited for this. I hope Kandi puts Porsha in her place at the reunion. That’s something I need to see.


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