Celebrity Big Brother recap

Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Day 29

Celebrity Big Brother recap

It’s Day 29 in the Celebrity Big Brother house. The housemates are woken up by rock music from the 1980s – it feels like this series started around then, not just 29 days ago.

The day’s task is Rockstars and Roadies. ‘The Housemate Mayhem’ band – consisting of Jedward and Nicola McLean – get all the power as the rest of the housemates are roadies that have to do whatever the rockstars order.


Kim Woodburn has to clean the mirrors. James Cosmo just wishes he wasn’t always on the wrong side of things.

Coleen Nolan says it’s the first tour she hasn’t wanted to sleep with any of the band. In fact, she would prefer to trap her breasts in the fridge tour. It’s that kind of tour.

James C pretends to organize lines of sugar on a plate and a rolled up note. All the housemates find it hilarious. Bar one. Of course. Kim tells them all off and confiscates.

Celebrity Big Brother recap

Rules state roadies are not allowed in the smoking area. Calum Best, James C, and Coleen are being rebels and having a cigarette. Jedward are called to the diary room to remind them of this rule and are told that the roadies are their responsibility. James waits till his cigarette is finished before he moves. #toocoolforschool

For the next part, the band needs to recruit a new member. Roadies have to be interviewed.

Calum tells them he would get the band’s name tattooed on his forehead and then serenades Nicola. Works for me. Bianca is next and tells the band the stupidest thing she’s ever done is glue her eyes closed. At least she doesn’t need Calum’s wig.

Kim is next and her Diary Room is hilarious. Sick family and passing water issues. Love it. Rather than sing the song, she talks it through, and this woman ironically has a career in bedtime stories, it’s so smooth.

Celebrity Big Brother recap

Coleen (Born to rock and Built to Roll) enters the audition with a boob wiggle and a Twerk. She sings the song, and the crowd (well Jedward and Nicola) go wild. I’m actually really enjoying this task. It’s great to see the housemates have a bit of fun finally.

James C is last and he promises to grow his beard longer if he gets in. He gets asked his best dance move, and the legend that is James C, ‘Dabs.’ Millions of tweens and teenagers melt. He even sings, a la Elvis style.

It’s a tough one, but Coleen gets it. Well deserved. Extremely funny. I genuinely enjoyed Jedward on this task too. The band has to perform to the ultimate rock song, Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer.” Brilliant. Housemates throw underwear, everyone’s dancing. Brilliant. In a flash clip of what’s to come, Kim’s about to go off on one again. Not Brilliant.

We move forward to Calum’s eviction, and after his exit, Housemates are gathered on the sofa for Big Brother awards.

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Housemates are shown nominations and then have to vote on the winner.

First up is Best Argument, and nominees are Jedward, Kim, and Nicola. Jedward genuinely look embarrassed at how they were. Jedward votes Kim, Nicola votes Jedward, and everyone else votes Nicola. Her speech was designed just to cause issues but things just simmer for now.

Next award is naughtiest housemate, and nominees are Kim, Coleen, and Jedward. Nicola and Bianca nominate Kim, for her comments about Jamie’s past. Kim then gets up and says she was going to keep things light hearted and nominate Jedward, but seeing as they brought it up, she starts to nominate Jamie, for cheating on his wife and three kids.

Bianca and Nicola start arguing and tell Kim not to say that when Jamie’s not there to stand up for himself, and that he wasn’t even nominate. Kim starts shouting them all down. James C walks off, saying he’s not playing the game. Kim brings up the comment Nicola made about WAGS, and Kim is shouting, whilst Bianca argues back in a lower voice. She even starts on Jedward, whilst they try and break the atmosphere with a joke.

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Kim gets called three times to the diary room, whilst she stands in front of a sitting Nicola, screaming at her. Nicola doesn’t bite and just looks at her. Jedward even recognize that Nicola didn’t argue back and that Kim took it too far.

Kim is in the diary room and even slating James C, saying he’s joined the gang. It doesn’t occur to her that she may have even slightly been to blame with this. She was also on a Celebrity Come Dine with Me program, and acted similarly, so I don’t think it’s particularly the housemates. She even apologizes for saying ‘Bloody.’ Maybe she hasn’t realized the rest of the words she’s used?

We eventually get back to the awards. Kim and Jedward win the award and the boys take it well.

Next award is Biggest Diva. Nominees are James C (for not wearing super hero lycra), Kim (for being splashed from Chloe F), and Jedward (for making Nicola taste food and drink before they have it). The winner is Kim.

The final award is one voted for by the public and is for the housemate that has flown under the radar. The winner is James C. He takes it well, saying that flying under the radar means that he hasn’t been as visible, and that in turn means that he has been able to observe.

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After the task, Kim is in the kitchen tidying. John of Jedward has made her a white flag to wave to keep the peace, and Kim is not having it. James C is in the diary room, amazed at the vitriol that has come from her and not really wanting to give her the oxygen.

John takes his white flag to give it Nicola. Nicola debates it quickly and asks John who he thinks was wrong, and John says Kim. Jedward have actually been lovely this episode, back to their earliest days in the house. I think I prefer non-Jedward boys rather than the ones that appear to have eaten a ton of sugar and E numbers. Maybe that’s just my age though.

I’ve not liked the Nicola that’s been picking on Jedward, but sure the close proximity and all the other pressures have mounted up, and Jedward have seem segregated a little, although I think some of that has been their own doing. Anyway, we are on the downward straits, so let’s see what happens.

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