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Cristina Gibson Doesn’t Want To Speak To Lindsay Hubbard Ever Again; Teases More To Come From Lauren & Carl’s Hookup

The best reality shows are the ones that involve already existing friend groups – instead of just a mix of people thrown together by a casting director. That said, some of the saddest reality show story lines involve the demise of these real life friendships.

Case in point, everyone who has been watching Summer House has seen the slow (and agonizing) end of Cristina Gibson and Lindsay Hubbard’s friendship. Things have become ugly for the two of them and it’s clear that they did not make up since the show wrapped up filming at the end of the summer.


Cristina appeared on Kate Casey’s Reality Life Podcast to unleash the inside scoop on all things Summer House. And if you’ve been watching you know that a lot of that involved shit talking Lindsay, which does not really bother me. Unfortunately, Lindsay is getting what reality TV people deem to be a “bad edit.” Obviously she really did say and do everything that we view on the show, but we rarely get to see anything good there, so I’m not shocked that Cristina was asked to elaborate on that failed friendship.

I also thought that whatever went on between Carl Radke and Lauren Wirkus was done as well, but then I was thrown off when Carl was super nervous to meet the Wirkus Twins’ parents. Thankfully, Cristina dished on that interaction as well.

Cristina explained why she’s so done with Lindsay, “That just gets exhausting to be in a one-side friendship all the time and to have somebody who just kind of walks all over you.”

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I don’t blame her for that one. Plus it really seems like Lindsay is not at all fun. Yeah, I know that there is editing and I get that it obviously plays into the story line to show more of Lindsay’s negative attributes, but still. And in all honesty, her drama is not entertaining. I’d rather see everyone partying and taking part in regrettable hookups than seeing her get mad at her boyfriend for reasons that are unclear.

Cristina went on to reference that scene from the first episode when she and Lindsay were shopping. Cristina recalled, “I told her that I felt like she was selfish, she never asks me anything about my life, and she just completely dismissed me and said I’m jealous.” It seems like it’s just Lindsay’s world and everyone else is just living in it. I think Cristina meddles a lot (which she has admitted and apologized for), but I really don’t think that she’s actually jealous of Lindsay in any way shape or form. Why would she be? What is the point of being jealous of anyone, really?

One thing that was pretty funny and a little off topic (but relevant) was when Kate asked Cristina, “Why do these men drink rosé?” Cristina said, “I think rosé is just a good summer drink. It’s light. It’s refreshing. It’s bro-sé. Guys can drink rose too. It’s 2017.”

If I’m being honest, I didn’t expect Carl and Lauren to hook up again. He seemed all about the “away game” action and he seemed to regret having an inter-house hookup…minus him blatantly trying to get with Jaclyn Shuman during the past two episodes. But basically, he didn’t seem down for a repeat hookup, especially within the house.

I also thought things were dunzo between the two of them when Lauren went into Carl’s room drunk and topless (with her perfectly perky G size breasts) and he refused to hook up with her. Damn. That’s cold. I couldn’t help being vicariously embarrassed for Lauren and wanted to hug her (with her top on though, obv).

Kate asked Cristina if Carl is still single and Cristina did not share any new information. All she said was, “That is a good question. I honestly do not know the answer to that.” When she was asked about Lauren’s romantic status, Cristina said, “I’m not sure about that either to be honest.”

Still, Cristina gave me hope for some loving within the house – aside from Lindsay and Everett Weston’s drunk arguments relationship. “I will say that this is not the last you’ll see of Lauren and Carl’s summer romance. So there’s more of that coming.”

I’m curious to see how that ends up. It seems like Lauren is super into Carl and that Carl is a major player just like Ashley Wirkus predicted. But maybe, Cristina saying she does not know about either of their statuses might just be her way of avoiding the question. Is it possible that Carl and Lauren actually found a relationship in the Montauk summer house? It’s doubtful, but it could be true.

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Apparently Cristina is on pretty good terms with everyone from the cast- except for Lindsay, obviously. And I guess by default Everett. Cristina declared, “I have no problem never speaking to Lindsay again and we really don’t unless it’s on Twitter.” Yeah, we’ve ALL seen that. Lindsay is a huge fan of the Twitter beef and Cristina plays right into her hand unfortunately, but I don’t blame her for defending herself.

In regard to the Twitter fighting, Cristina said, “She only stopped when everybody on Twitter was like ‘Stop. You’re making yourself look bad.'” It wasn’t a good look for either of them in all honesty, but I totally get the inclination to defend yourself.

Cristina also made a pretty valid point when it comes to Lindsay’s Summer House antics and came for her job. Cristina explained, “I think it’s a little crazy that she’s a publicist and acted the way she did this summer on TV. If you can’t present yourself in a good manner, then I don’t know why a brand would think that you could represent them well.” DAMN. I’m sure that comment is not going to sit well with Lindsay.


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