Summer House Stars Lindsay Hubbard And Everett Weston Discuss Their Relationship & The Cristina Gibson Drama

Even though Summer House just got started, Everett Weston and Lindsay Hubbard have already had a lot of drama – mostly with each other – but also some with Lindsay’s roommate-turned-nemesis Cristina Gibson.

In case you were wondering, they’re still together and they still hate Cristina – neither of which are shocking to me. Nevertheless, they still had a lot to say about the Summer House drama.


Everett and Lindsay joined Kate Casey for an interview on her Reality Life podcast. Kate asked the obvious question: “Are you still together?” Lindsay joked, “We are. I don’t think we’d be sitting together if we weren’t.”

Kate asked if watching their relationship play out on TV (i.e. their drunk arguments) helps or hurts their relationship. Everett said, “I think it’s helped our relationship. It’s actually been telling to be able to watch certain things that I did that Lindsay did that weren’t necessarily the right thing to do. I would say it’s been a learning experience.”

Kate asked: “Do you fight when you’re sober?” Lindsay gave the answer that you’d expect: “Most of our fights are alcohol-induced but they stem from other situations that we might not have time to talk about while we are at work or during sober hours.” Everett kept it real when he shared his two cents: “My answer to that is no because I definitely get chewed out for not doing chores like doing dishes and stuff.”

Kate asked them to shed some light on that now-infamous drunk fight with Lindsay getting upset when Everett called her a geek. In response Lindsay said, “There’s more to the story that you guys didn’t see and that I probably don’t remember, but no the term ‘geek’ does not trigger any sort of anger.” Props to Lindsay for admitting that she was too blacked out to remember what was actually going on.

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They also explained the recent controversy about the possibility that they actually packed their Montauk house with more people than they were legally allowed to. Lindsay said, “Basically what happens in the Hamptons is you have people who are there for full shares – which is the whole summer.” And of course this plays into the time line where Lindsay decided to have that renters meeting when she pissed off Cristina. Lindsay said, “There are people who are there consistently every weekend and then there are people who fill in on the weekends people might miss.”

Everett clarified that they actually are in the clear when it comes to the renting regulations: “From a legal standpoint, there can only be four people on a lease and because the Wirkus sisters are family, there’s like a sub-clause where family can also be on the joint lease. That was the reason for the breakdown of the renters vs. guests.”

Of course the conversation turned to the Lindsay vs. Cristina feud. Kate remarked, “I kept thinking why doesn’t she just go into her own room and work?” Lindsay admitted, ” Yeah she does. That’s why I thought it was going to be fine. Before she had her last job, she was always freelance writing and reporting and she always worked in her room. When I did have the interns over, she stayed in the living room. I didn’t understand that. She complained and complained about the interns and then she just sat there in the living room.”

This was Lindsay’s way of pointing out that Cristina was probably just there for the camera time so she could get some sympathy from the viewers for Lindsay’s interns invaded the apartment. Lindsay also pointed out, “There’s a Starbucks right downstairs and she works from her room every day.” So why was Cristina in the living room that day? Sure, she had a right to do work in her own apartment, but why did she choose to be there? We will never know.

If you watch Summer House, you’ve seen a lot of Lindsay’s body during her hookups with Everett, so I don’t blame Kate for asking, “Were you aware that the cameras were filming you making sweet love all night long?” Everett said, “You forget that they’re there,” and Lindsay admitted, “Yeah, you see my ass a lot.”

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My favorite part of the whole interview was when Kate asked them about one of the biggest Summer House related topics: Carl Radke’s teeth. Kate asked, “Why is Carl in dental sales but he has one yellow tooth?” Everett admitted, “I don’t understand this to be honest. His teeth are not yellow.” Lindsay added, “I don’t think his teeth are yellow.” Everett insisted, “I think there’s something weird with the cameras.” Lindsay added, “The lighting.”

It’s weird how Carl‘s teeth are the only ones that look yellow, but I do have to believe that someone in dental sales has nice teeth. Carl has even posted about his teeth on social media in response to the viewers.

Aside from gossiping about the Summer House cast, Everett got a chance to open up about his charity. “I started this charity called Operation Heal Our Heroes a couple years ago after a good friend of mine that I served with in the army committed suicide due to his struggles with mental health. He had a tough time transitioning back after he got out of the military and finding a grip back on reality. After his death, I realized that his passing is not an isolated incident and that it’s actually a pervasive issue among veterans to the tune of twenty veterans every day that commit suicide. And so I launched an awareness campaign to help people understand how big of a problem this is and why it’s happening in an effort to just enhance communication and help people be able to talk about it.”

Everett teased, “There will be a lot more about my charity later in the season. I’m really excited for that to come up.” And I’m sure that the cast will end up getting shit faced at some fundraiser for this wonderful charity, but hopefully it gets some legitimate air time.


Photo Credit: Bravo