Kandi makes accusations about Porsha

This Real Housewives of Atlanta season has been heavily focused on Kandi Burruss. For years she was just there to promote her products and interject here and there when other people got into it, but this season is very Kandi-centered thanks to Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams starting rumors that she is a closeted lesbian who hooked up with Shamea Morton. Kandi confronted Porsha about her pot stirring during the last episode.

It wasn’t all drama for Kandi though. At the very least, she seemed to be beaming with pride when her daughter Riley Burruss followed in her musical footsteps and recorded a track of her own. Needless to say, Kandi has a lot to say about the last episode.


Kandi is really in the thick of it these days. I have no idea how she has the time to run all of her businesses and be a mom on top of dealing with all the petty bullshit that comes with being a Real Housewife. On the bright side, Kandi had a good time during the last episode when she was in the recording studio with Riley. Although it it might have been a heavy subject matter when it comes to Riley’s lyrics that were inspired by her estranged relationship with her father Block Spencer, Kandi is happy that her daughter is letting out her emotions.

In her Bravo blog, Kandi explained, “I was really happy to see my daughter expressing herself through music. She always said she wanted to sing, but she’s really shy, so for her to step up and get in the booth while the cameras were there meant that she’s ready to go for it!”

If you liked what you heard during the episode, you can listen to Riley’s song whenever you want since Kandi made sure to let her fans know that it is “available now on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, etc.” Unfortunately for Kandi, that last episode wasn’t just about working through the family problems in the recording studio.

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Aside from what seems to be a weekly staff meeting to talk about Phaedra and Porsha, Kandi actually had to deal with Porsha’s drama in person. I have no idea why they both couldn’t accept that they had a lesbian experience together and just move on, but they decided to go out to dinner to hash it out. And once again, I found myself feeling bad for whoever worked at that restaurant. The exchange got heated and I never saw them actually order any food.

The accusations between the two of them were nonstop. And after the fact, Kandi revealed, “I was irritated with her. She used lies to deflect the truth and anger me. Porsha is a hypocrite and a liar.” We all know that though. This is the same woman who referred to herself as the “Princess of Thotland,” yet doesn’t want to discuss her dating life. Nothing she says seems to coincide with her actions.

Kandi said what I was thinking when she wrote, “Bottom line is if you’re a woman that has hooked up with a girl before, don’t go around throwing ‘shade’ at someone because they’ve done the same thing.” Plus, I just really don’t like the idea of Porsha acting the girl on girl action as something to be ashamed of.”

Kandi has been very open about her previous dips in the lady pond and she sells sex toys. Sex is a big part of her brand, why would she shy away from talking about something if it was actually true? Kandi declared, “I’m very transparent. I’m married. I love my husband. I’m not in the closet. I don’t have a sex dungeon.” If Kandi had a sex dungeon, I feel like she would be bragging about it and have some sort of “dungeon warming” party to celebrate it on the show. Why would Kandi of all people lie about this?

Kandi also made it a point to clarify, “I’ve never had a seven year relationship with a woman. Porsha still hasn’t sent me the name or number of whoever this anonymous woman is.”

It honestly seemed like Porsha was just making shit up as she went along. I mean, let’s be honest, what is Porsha’s story line this season? Everything she has going on seems so contrived, from her fake romantic relationships, to the fake hair, to the room that she has decorated in her house for her twin children that haven’t even been conceived yet. Everything with Porsha is either a straight up a lie or a hypothetical situation that never comes to fruition. I don’t get why though. She is entertaining when she she’s throwing shade at the cast, why can’t she just stick to that instead of fabricating stories with zero receipts.

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Porsha also said that Kandi’s husband Todd Tucker gets away with cheating on her because he tells people he’s someone else. Obviously that pissed off Kandi, who wrote, “My husband doesn’t tell people his name is ‘Marvin’ to cheat. (People recognize him on the streets before they do me, so who would believe him if he had?)” There would have been something about this floating around on the internet… if it was a factual story that somehow made its way back to Porsha.

Kandi took the opportunity to shade Porsha by saying, “As far as her trying to say that I was lying about her kissing me because she doesn’t like ‘teapots’…on the preview for next week, she’s saying that we kissed but she was drunk and we should just ‘blame it on the Henny.’ I guess it’s safe to say she does like teapots! Sip on that…”

Oh Porsha, she goes from adamantly denying shit, to claiming she doesn’t remember, to bringing up the same incident as support for claims in other instances. Nothing she does ever adds up. She needs to make up a new story line ASAP.


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