I hope that this isn’t true, but it seems like Jacqueline Laurita might be done with Real Housewives of New Jersey. There hasn’t been an official casting announcement, but a recent tweet that Jacqueline wrote has the RHONJ fans questioning whether or not she will have a future on the show.

Some of the Jacqueline haters might be happy at the thought, but hear me out. This show needs Jacqueline. Even if you are the most avid member of #TeamTeresa, this show will not work without Jacqueline. Or at the very least, the show needs someone in that opposing role.


This cannot be true. I’m hoping that Jacqueline is just (successfully) playing hardball with whoever is running this show so she can get more money and that her tweet is just a clever negotiating tactic. I mean, we all know that the Lauritas could use the money these days. I know that sounds shady, but who couldn’t use the money?

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So why do I think Jacqueline might be done with RHONJ? It’s because she posted this: “Just wanted to thank all of you for following, loving, & supporting me & my family over the last 7 seasons of RHONJ! We appreciate you all!”

That sounds like a goodbye tweet to me, but like I said before, this could very easily be her way of showing whoever is signing the checks that her fans will be upset in response to the mere thought of her exit.

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Whether you love to see the updates in Jacqueline’s life or if you can’t wait for her to get destroyed by one of her enemies in the cast, she is essential to this show. Like it or not, this show needs opposition. I don’t want to watch a show with everyone holding hands, doing yoga, and promoting projects that they’re “working” on. No thanks. I want to see people yelling in restaurants, accusing each other of moral wrongdoings, and overdoing it on the cosmetic procedures. Jacqueline will give us all of that.


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