Vicki Gunvalson is always bragging about her success in business and how much/how often she works, but none of her side businesses ever seem to work out for her. I figured she would be making tons of money putting her name on products with the Real Housewives franchise behind her, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. That has not stopped her though, since Vicki has a new line of home products in the works.

Even though the bacon-flavored vodka, the wine club, the cancer charity, and perfume were not major successes (to put it mildly), she just keeps on trucking along and trying to sell more products.


Vicki obviously has a lot of business skills, she is the only remaining original housewife, yet none of her ventures seem to be successful. Thankfully, she has an actual day job, unlike most of the other people in this franchise.

She made the announcement when she posted a photo from what looks like a dinner meeting. Vicki wrote, “I’m so excited to announce my own collection coming to all @urbanhome__ locations in Summer of 2017. Special thanks to @angelicacterrazas @officialkencollis for putting it all together.”

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Vicki added, “All of our hard work is like a dream come true! Can’t wait to show you all what I have been up to!#urbanhome #summer #collection #housewares #woohoo #somuchfun# followme” Just when I was starting to take Vicki seriously as a home goods designer, she ends the post with #followme. That is a little desperate. Don’t you think?

I don’t think “Vicki Gunvalson” when it comes to home decor or anything that has to do with style, but I actually feel like this business might have a shot. First off, it’s not actually Vicki starting a new business. She just has a collection with a brand that already exists, so it seems like a proverbial slam dunk to me. Whether people love Vicki or hate Vicki, I don’t think her persona is going to be a factor when it comes to buying a cute pillow or a candle holder.

It will be interesting to see how this one goes. That’s for sure.


[Photo Credit: Instagram]