Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore Related To Sheree Whitfield’s History Of Abuse; Confused About Sheree’s Attack On Her Later

Kenya Moore shouldn’t really EVER be surprised when a cast mate has an issue with her. But on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta this week, she was shocked when Sheree Whitfield turned on her during Phaedra Parks‘ absolutely ridiculous “Restoration Service” – especially because Kenya had comforted Sheree earlier that day after Bob Whitfield callously joked about abusing Sheree in the past.

Kenya recalls Bob’s comments that sent everyone reeling – and ultimately caused Sheree to break down in tears. “The entire conversation turned my stomach and made me want to exact revenge upon him for Sheree. I wanted to defend her from the pain he was causing her in that moment. It wasn’t funny, and I know all too well what that feels like.”


Empathizing with Sheree’s domestic abuse pain, Kenya blogs, “I’ve been very open about a former physically and mentally abusive relationship I suffered from when I was 16 years old. Bob’s cavalier account of the abuse was reckless and sadistic. I knew of her former abuse. Regardless of the disagreements Sheree and I have had, we are both women. My job was to defend and protect her. There is no excuse for abuse.”

But the ladies’ connection lasted only as long as a van ride, it seems. Because when the group came together later at Phaedra’s bidding to “heal,” Sheree came at Kenya first. Kenya explains the backstory: “In a previous episode Sheree stated ‘I provoke people’ and ‘I need to find out why Matt is breaking out my windows.’ I was shocked that she would blame me for a man’s abusive behavior. I admonished her for making mockery of my situation citing the fact that she has been an abused woman herself, which she denied at the time.”

“I’m often confused at Sheree’s constant attacks against me,” continues Kenya. “She blamed me for Tami’s nephew in Miami demeaning, degrading, and attacking us; she blamed me for Matt’s violent behavior; and she turned on me after I defended and consoled her with Bob in the van. Her misplaced anger towards me should be directed at her abuser, not me. #NoExcuseForAbuse”

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Not copping to the fact that she has basically attacked and smeared Sheree at every opportunity since the two shared a screen (which seems to be the real issue), Kenya goes on express her discontent with the trivialization of domestic violence on RHOA in general.

“It’s disheartening to me to see women bicker and fight and seemingly trivialize domestic violence. The facts are no laughing matter: One in four women in the US will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. Domestic violence is the third leading cause of homelessness among families. Every three seconds a woman is murdered by an intimate partner. When you grow up living with domestic violence, you experience childhood domestic violence.”

“We are all affected and we are all one,” closes Kenya, who – although a bit twisted in everything else she does – has a valid point. Whether her sentiments about bonding through shared experiences will translate into authentic personal relationships on the show is another matter entirely.


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