Bob And Sheree Whitfield Are Not Back Together; Sheree Was “Speechless” When Bob Joked About Choking Her

After this week’s disturbing episode of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta in which Sheree Whitfield’s ex-husband, Bob Whitfield, joked about choking Sheree in the past, some are wondering what the status of their relationship is now? Sheree says they are not back together, but do have a friendship – for the sake of their children. (Let’s hope Bob also has a damn good therapist.)

Recalling the horrific moment in the van that Bob joked about not choking Sheree “hard enough” when they were married because she’s “still breathing,” Sheree says, “I was just shocked. Speechless. So many times as women, we just try to bury negative thoughts and traumatic situations, so when we were in the car and he said those things, it just brought so much from our past up that I have tried to suppress for well over a decade.”


Though Bob sweatily pursued rekindling his romantic ties to Sheree, the Housewife says she and her ex are pretty much done – at least when it comes to an intimate relationship. They do remain friends for their children’s sakes.

In her blog, Sheree explains, “In recent years we have been able to rebuild a friendship and through that we have rebuilt our family unit as co-parents. In order for our kids to continue to be happy and healthy, that is the space that I think our relationship should stay in. I am thankful that for my children’s sake we were able to get to that point.”

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Sheree also claims that she and Kenya Moore are copacetic now – or, more likely, aren’t at least actively screaming at one another! Sheree admits she may have confused the issue with Kenya at Phaedra’s Restoration Service too.

“I think we may have misunderstood each other,” lamely offers Sheree, concerning her misguided attack on Kenya. “I am in such a happier place in life now. I do not even want to think of anyone or anything that can compromise my happiness.”

Before plugging her new book, Sheree does thank viewers for their kind words after this week’s tough episode. “Thank you guys for your outpouring of support. This last episode and next week’s are definitely tough to watch, but I’m thankful our show offers a platform where we can share our stories, which often times go untold.”


Photo Credit: Bravo