Kim Zolciak, Kroy Biermann and Brielle Biermann were enjoying a lovely trip to Europe this week, sharing plenty of selfies and gelato, but everything went to hell over the weekend. Kim and Brielle took to Twitter to vent about a situation at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany. The Don’t Be Tardy stars allege harassment and theft by airport employees!

Kim and Brielle shared their experience in a series of frustrated Tweets. Kim started off with, “Crazy ass airport in Germany. So extra. Told me it’s my government that’s why they are searching all my stuff. Throwing my wigs around and shit”

CLICK THE CONTINUE READING BUTT=ON FOR MOREBrielle continued the rant, “Germany airport every single person who works can go f*** themselves.” And “Seriously @airport_FRA all your employees need to get F****D. They stole ALL my shit and are harassing a bunch of people! SO F*****G RUDE!” She ended with “don’t ever f*****g come to Germany. I hate this place. Can’t wait to get back to America.”

The two don’t mention which specific airline they are flying, but the airport social media account tried to help out. A producer traveling with the Biermanns (who are filming DBT’s new season) corroborated the terrible treatment. The airport replied to Brielle, “Dear Brielle, sorry to hear. Those are serious accusations. Please tell me what happened.” Lizzie Spratt chimed in, “It was the absolute WORST airport experience of my life – I was with them!”

Brielle and Kim haven’t shared any further details of the situation, but we’ll likely be seeing this play out on the new season if any of it was caught on film. If not, we’ll at least be hearing the retelling from Kim and crew in their confessionals.

Updated to add: Who knew Kim Zolciak was so big in Italy? She shared a video on Instagram and said this crowd assembled for her while she was shopping in Chanel.



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