Kenya Moore Believes Phaedra Parks Is “Focused More On The Perception People Have Of Her Than Living Her Reality”

I’m not going to lie, Kenya Moore does antagonize her Real Housewives of Atlanta costars a lot of the time. With that said, it actually did seem like she was acting from a genuine place of kindness when she threw a divorce party for Phaedra Parks and Cynthia Bailey.

Sure, a divorce is an odd thing to celebrate, but I think I understood the point Kenya intended to make with the party — she just wanted to support Phaedra and Cynthia during this transitional period of their lives. I also get why Phaedra could find it to be insensitive. I just don’t get why Phaedra handled her disappointment the way that she did. Pretending to look for ginger ale and then name calling ginger ale was NOT the best move to make.


The last episode started out with an awkward roast for Cynthia’s almost-ex Peter Thomas. Considering how much most of those women love to shit on Peter, I figured they would have much better material. The worst roaster by far was Cynthia. A woman who filed for divorce should be able to voice some grievances against her soon-to-be ex husband, but Cynthia is just too nice to be a roaster.

Kenya talked about the roast in her latest Bravo blog entry. She recapped, “I think everyone had a good line or two. But I can definitely say Cynthia was the worst.” True.

Weirdly enough, roasting one of the (sort of) cast members was actually the most peaceful part of the episode. The real drama went down at a party that was intended to be a fun time among people contractually obligated to hang out friends.

Kenya wrote, “At this point, nothing should surprise me with Phaedra, but her reaction floored me and it stung. This is the woman who is constantly talking about God, forgiveness, restorations, and supporting one another. Only a few hours earlier we were playing tennis laughing about how she can meet new guys and how we both thought the Rock was so fine, then became so offended that I threw her and Cynthia a divorce party citing some irrelevant situation we both moved on from.”

The party was so out of left field. I completely understand why Phaedra would be uncomfortable with the premise of the party and how she wouldn’t want to “celebrate” the demise of a marriage, but she could have just told Kenya that.

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Kenya continued, “Clearly her husband lied on me and that was well over two years ago. She chose to get married. She chose to get divorced. This woman is focused more on the perception people have of her than living her reality.”

Again, I really do understand why Phaedra isn’t down to celebrate her husband being in prison while she raises their two sons alone, but what was the point of shaming Kenya for something that Apollo Nida admitted to lying about?

Kenya was asked if “the argument with Phaedra ruin[ed] [their] friendship,” and she replied, “The truth is, I have forgiven Phaedra for trying to destroy me years ago. She single handedly started rumors that I was an alcoholic, bipolar, that I paid Walter to be my boyfriend, that I was a whore, made fun of my fertility issues stating I had scrambled eggs and the fact that I did not have a husband, to name a few.”

When you list it all out, that is a lot, yet Kenya seemed eager to be friends with Phaedra this season.

Kenya continued, “She is relentless with her attempts to obliterate any semblance of dignity or reputation I had. Yet, I forgave her and asked that she did the same with me. With that said, Phaedra is no one’s friend. If you can’t be a friend to anyone, you can’t ruin a friendship that never was.”


Photo Credit: Bravo