Love her or hate her, Terra Jole was the first detective on the case when it came to the shady doings of Briana Renee’s husband, Matt Ericson [Grundhoffer]. Although Terra aired her concerns in her typical bull in a china shop way, the Little Women: LA star was right on the money when she advised Briana against marrying the “Clyde” to her “Bonnie.” So, when Briana stood by her hideous excuse for a man over his sexting scandal last year, some were shocked. Not Terra, though.

Terra says that divorce is just not in the cards for this dysfunctional couple, no matter how nasty or manipulative Matt gets – and no matter how many empty protests Briana makes. “Not to be the bearer of bad news but NEWS FLASH: In my opinion, Briana will NEVER leave Matt,” claims Terra, who adds that Matt could basically have an affair right in front of her face – yet she would stay (and probably defend his lying a$$). Sadly, many viewers know this to be true. It’s just a sad sack situation all around.


Terra blogs in People, “My prediction is he could cheat on her in their own home and she would not leave him. She’s pushed everyone out of her life for him, so even if she wanted to leave him, she has nobody to turn to. Matt will leave Briana before she works up the courage to leave him. Good luck to Elena [Gant] and Jasmine [Sorge] getting involved.”

After Jasmine and Elena confronted Briana about their concerns that Matt was reaching out (in his very special way) to a friend of Briana’s over text, Briana shut their concerns down – and callously cut off her close friend, Lisa, immediately. Jasmine, once a huge Briana and Matt supporter, seems to have had enough of Briana’s antics at this point. Elena might not be far behind. Briana, who’s even cut off her own family for Matt’s sake – still refusing to allow them to meet her baby son – will be left isolated from everyone if she keeps this behavior up. Just as Matt would like it, no doubt.

Moving on to accusations that Briana went behind Terra’s back to hit up her manager for representation, Terra writes, “Personally, I think Briana is delusional, believing that she’s completely innocent in how she approached my manager. I’m at a weird standstill because, not only is this what Christy [McGinity Gibel] did to Briana, but everyone heard a different story than Briana did. Where I go from here, I do not know. All I know is I trust Briana as much as I trust Christy … and currently, I don’t think I’ll EVER trust Christy.”

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“This episode has taught me that not only is Briana a hypocrite but she is selfish,” continues Terra. “She picks her version of the truth over a friend’s advice … and even over her own family’s advice. And lying to me about her conversation with my manager leads me further to believe I cannot trust her in every personal situation she encounters.”

Well, there may not be resolution in sight for these former friends, but one truth remains constant: We will NEVER get Matt off of our damn TV screens. (Oh, the humanity! Please, Lifetime, just make it stop! We are weary. Bone weary.)

“I’m so over Briana’s chaos with Matt! Two words: FAST FORWARD,” snarks Terra of last week’s episode. “Let’s sum up her home: Briana will never be happy unless Matt makes her happy, and Matt can’t make her happy. Yes, this is just my opinion, but we are watching a merry-go-round, are we not? The same problems keep circling back and the ride hasn’t changed. Well, I’ve gotten off this ride and I’m at a different amusement park.”

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