Monique Samuels Thinks Gizelle Bryant “Fronts Like She Has It All Together”

It seems like Real Housewives of Potomac is getting better and I finally have a cast member that I can root for: the new girl, Monique Samuels. Sure, she’s only appeared in one episode, but I love her already.

Monique‘s the real deal. She’s not pretending to be something she’s not just so she can appear like she can afford to star on a Bravo show. She has money but isn’t a show off. She can deflect shade without being a bully. I even love her tagline. I barely know anything about this woman, but I already like more than I like the rest of them. #TeamMonique over here.


As per usual, Gizelle Bryant was not-at-all welcoming to Monique, but she didn’t miss a beat, and she continued to own Gizelle in her first Bravo blog.

She wrote, “She was definitely throwing shade! I’m not foreign to shady women and their comments. HELLO! I’m married to a former NFL player. We eat chicks like Gizelle for lunch.” Yes. Someone needs to check this woman. I cannot be the only one that doesn’t fall for her “word on the street” nonsense when she has zero story line of her own – other than talking shit.

Monique said what I was thinking while I watched the episode: “Do you own a home? Who says that?” Seriously though. Why not try for a simple “hello” instead of taking the rude approach? Oh right. It’s Gizelle. Monique added, “I should have asked her if she was still renting one.” Shade thrown! Subtle, but on point. Monique seems cut out for the Housewife life.

It was also ridiculous when Gizelle asked her to rap during that high tea, then insulted her for doing so. “As far as the rapping goes, do not ask me to rap if you are going to make a big deal out of the location in which I’m rapping.” .

Monique declared, “I’m a real chick. I don’t have to front like I have it all together like some women do (Gizelle). What you see is what you get and I’m proud of that.” Yes, girl. Slay.

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Considering that Gizelle was extremely rude to her from the start and Monique previously knew Charrisse Jackson-Jordan, it’s pretty obvious whose side Monique is going to take in the big feud. Monique admitted, “As Charrisse’s friend, I’m totally on her side when it comes to her feelings about the way Gizelle is spreading lies about her.”

Monique explained, “As women, our job is to uplift each other. As long as a genuine apology is expressed, I do believe it’s something they can move past. BUT, forgive? Yes. Forget? Not so much.” Gizelle said some brutal things without providing any receipts to back up her claims. I would never confide in her if I were Charrisse.

Monique continued to go in on Gizelle: “I never trust bored women who have too much time on their hands. They’re bound to create all kinds of fictional novels.”

Monique wasn’t done though. She admitted, “I’m not surprised that Gizelle has so much to say in her interviews. If she would have taken her own words and minded her business, there wouldn’t be air to clear. I could have continued to sit on the couch like a ‘princess’ sipping my tea instead of serving it to her.”

Monique seems like a nice person, but it’s clear that Gizelle has really underestimated her. She declared, “She’s been warned. As I stated that day, ‘I’m not sensitive. You can give it to me however you want. But just be prepared to GET IT BACK!” I’m buying what she’s selling too. She (is the only one on this show who) doesn’t seem to be fronting at all.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]