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It could have been a difficult year for Cynthia Bailey on Real Housewives of Atlanta, but she definitely had the easiest season out of everyone in the cast. She had the most graceful divorce in Real Housewives history. She turned fifty and looks better than ever (which I didn’t think was possible). Plus, she’s on pretty good terms with the rest of the cast.

Of course, she wasn’t the most interesting person to watch on the show, but she did provide some balance to the crazy antics. Plus, it is entertaining to see her make this “friends” thing work with Peter Thomas. It’s unusual, but they get along better now than they were before they split. So I don’t blame Andy Cohen for asking about their interaction multiple times during the reunion.


Cynthia shared her thoughts about the first reunion episode in her Bravo blog. She didn’t get into any arguments, so I imagine it was a pretty one for her to write and that the reunion itself was entertaining for her since she wasn’t really involved in the conversation.

As expected, Cynthia admitted, “I felt amazing going into the reunion. I didn’t really have a lot of drama with any of the ladies, and none of them really came for me. Between my divorce, my move, and turning 50, I tried to stay focused on creating my next chapter, my daughter, my businesses, and my new life.” She successfully managed to escape the fray  this season. Good for her, but that also earned her the seat farthest way from Andy at the reunion. In contrast, the ladies with the most drama were sitting right next to the host.

Still, she was in the hot seat for a minute when Andy asked her if Peter “met [her] rejuvenated vagina.” Cynthia didn’t seem to care though. She said, “I love Andy. He is so funny, and can ask your absolutely anything with a straight face. No, Peter has not met my rejuvenated vagina, but I did leave him with some beautiful memories of the un-rejuvenated one.” In comparison to what the other ladies were asked, that was such a soft question. Cynthia was lucky.

Cynthia even declared, “This was my favorite reunion with Andy. He was so silly and shady. I loved how he asked a lot of tough questions and didn’t let anyone off the hook until they gave a real answer.” I loved it too. He did everything he could to make sure the viewers were satisfied and I was really living for it.

Cynthia concluded, “He is the king of shade, and we can all take a leaf from the forever blossoming Andy Cohen shade tree.” Amen.

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Tonight is part 2 of the four part Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion. “Kenya reflects on her complicated relationship with Matt and confirms the status of where things stand today. Phaedra gives updates on the status of her divorce with Apollo and brings proof to make her case. Shereé calls out Kenya for constantly adding fuel to the fire and in an emotional confession, Shereé reveals more heartbreaking details surrounding her tumultuous marriage with Bob.” Join us in the comments at 8/7 CST for the over-analyzing and snarking!


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