Kim Zolciak Says Return To Real Housewives of Atlanta Not Done Deal Yet; Confronts Rumors Of Brielle’s Butt Implants

Before the scary weekend spent in the hospital with her son, Kim Zolciak was a guest on The Real, which aired today. Kim sets the record straight on the rumors of daughter Brielle Biermann getting butt implants and also addresses her return to The Real Housewives of Atlanta – it’s not a done deal just yet, despite reports stating otherwise! She also shares what we can expect this season on Don’t Be Tardy – she teases there’s something big going on!

On returning to The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim explains, “I’m in talks, but I don’t want to come back full time. I have Don’t Be Tardy, so why would I want to do that? I would do both.” She explains that full time would mean “the whole season, reunion. No.”

When asked if she’d like to just do guest appearances here and there, she says, “a few of them. Listen, they pay, so…. I got six kids to feed, honey. I’m not dumb.”

She says that doing both shows was a lot when she did RHOA and the wedding spinoff, but now the kids are older so she believes she can do both. “Money motivates me, honey.”

When asked why she thinks they want her back on the show, “I just really call people as they are, I think. I see right through you. I’m very psychic, very intuitive, so I feel that, too and I just say it like it is.”

Kim then throws a little nasty dig at the other cast members, “No one has really grown in five years, except for Kandi. She had a baby, she got married, but I feel like when I left five years ago, they’re all kind of still in the same place. I’ve had a few babies since then, we’re on season 6 of Don’t Be Tardy, whatchyou doin’?”

They play a promo clip of her upcoming season of Don’t Be Tardy and Kim shares, “this season is so fun, there’s something really big that’s going on. I’m currently filming. You’ll see Brielle and the love of her life. She’s kind of growing up which makes me a little sad. She’s 20. She in love, in love, like FOR REAL and he is, too, so I’m a little bit nervous about that because she is only 20. Ariana is a handful at 15 and she’s changed.”

She says that in their family “Kroy is definitely the disciplinarian. He spends a lot of time talking to them. Me, it’s like ‘Ariana! Please listen to me, I’ve been there!’ Kroy definitely enforces like the grounding and I’m the ‘here’s your phone, you’re breaking my heart!'”

The ladies of The Real ask how the kids deal with Kim‘s fame and popularity? “Ariana has a hard time with that. She’s more of a follower versus Brielle being a leader, so I monitor all the social media. She doesn’t have it on her phone, it’s on my phone. People say some horrible things and it affects her. ‘You’re fat, you’re this.’ It’s crazy!”

They broach the subject of Brielle supposedly having plastic surgery and some comments that were made by Joseline Hernandez insuating that Brielle had her butt done. Kim says Brielle is tiny (5’3″) and takes after her mom and is very proud of her booty. She admits to taking Brielle to get her lips done. Kim says she won’t be taking her for boob implants, butt implants or anything similar until after Brielle has babies and then they’ll revisit the conversation.


Photo Credit: Instagram/TheReal