Newbie Mary Russell came and went in the blink of an eye on Little Women: LA. Perhaps she was only slated to be a temporary character, or perhaps the coven of witches other cast mates drove her off? In any case, Terra Jole expresses regret that Elena Gant and Tonya Banks, in particular, couldn’t give Mary more of a chance. Their extreme jealousy fueled arguments with the newest little woman right from the start.

Terra is glad to see that Jasmine Sorge and Elena have bonded at long last, though. “I’ve always said that Elena and Jasmine will bond. Now that that’s happened, I truly don’t feel like Briana will ever be close again with Jasmine. EVER!  It’s a normal transition for your friendship to change especially when trying to negotiate your home life. Elena and Jasmine not only have their relationship, but the bond of their husbands.”


In her People blog, Terra explains why she thought Mary would be a natural fit for the group – and why she thought Tonya would connect with her right away. (Um, is she NEW here? Tonya connects with NO ONE right away!)

“It may sound crazy, but I feel that Tonya and Mary could one day be like Elena and Jasmine. They both have a lot in common and could learn from each other. Mothers of one child, fashion designers, bossy as hell, and they are both strong little women. Unfortunately, we may not know what could become due to Mary’s visit coming to an end.”

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Expressing gratitude for Mary not getting physical with Elena (oh, pahleeeeez!), who trashed her fashion designs and her catwalk capabilities, Terra says she still can’t believe how hard Elena was on Mary.

Terra muses, “Mary’s catwalk was yet another catastrophe with Elena. Personally, Elena should have shut her Russian mouth out of respect when attending someone else’s audition.  Ironically, I thought all of the women walked more confidently and fluid than Mary herself. Maybe that’s why she’s on the other side of the stage now?!?!”

One bright spot of the episode – at least for Terra – was seeing her finished painting hanging in the art gallery, which she was over the moon about. She closes, “I’m so grateful to Scott Rohlfs for making ‘red handed.’ He’s one of the most talented artists I’ve ever worked with and it was an honor he chose one of my photos. Truly looking forward to our next photo shoot.”


Photo Credit: Lifetime