Amber Portwood calls off wedding

Amber Portwood Calls Off Wedding To Matt Baier

Amber Portwood is finally thinking with her brain and not, uhh, her desire for a TV wedding. The Teen Mom OG star has decided to call off her wedding to many-times-over deadbeat dad Matt Baier. 

I think we can all rejoice in this good decision. Although, before we get too cocky, Amber and Matt are still very much together to milk this drama for the new season, but after recent information surfaced, Amber’s not ready to make a lifelong commitment just yet.


Matt and Amber were planning an October wedding, but a source verifies that it “isn’t happening” after “Amber got cold feet after a series of red flags.” Red flags like Matt being 20 years older and having a slew of child support dramas and being a serial liar? Or accusations of infidelity? Or allegations that he was using her to get his DJ career off the ground?

Last year, Amber also called off their wedding. Maybe third time’s a charm. Or not, because well, there’s just been a lot of, um, issues. And recently more so than ever!

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An insider tells E! that during filming “a lot has come out” concerning Matt. “That has added extra pressure and made things difficult.” In a clip from the upcoming TMOG season, Matt is overheard saying that he will never marry Amber.

The source also cites Amber and Matt’s various personal struggles as causing problems: “It hasn’t been easy when their lives are under such heavy scrutiny.” In April, Amber was accused of physically assaulting Matt; both have denied the claims.

“They are still together and living together,” another source tells Us Weekly, “but there have been a few bumps in the road.” Right now they’re focusing on working out those bumps. GAG.

However, The Ashley’s Reality Roundup claims that’s not true and the couple is probably done. A week ago, the site reported that Amber and Matt had split after she forced him to take a lie detector test to prove he wasn’t cheating. And guess what: HE FAILED! He apparently incriminated himself with some very specific questions. Oops.

Amber reportedly became suspicious about Matt after a leaked phone call from another woman surfaced. Friends and family then confronted her with damning information of Matt’s infidelity. The two had a major blowout during a trip to L.A., which ended with Amber demanding Matt fly home, pack up his stuff, and get out before she returned!

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Amber then appeared on Susan Pinsky’s podcast (aka the wife of Dr. Drew) where she admitted to taking a break from Matt. “It’s a weird situation,” The Ashley reports her saying. “Some things have happened over the last couple days.”

Matt later verified that he took the polygraph test, but he also insisted he passed. Both he and Amber are now publicly denying that they’ve split. While they’ve confirmed the wedding is off, they won’t give details as to why.


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