Shiva Safai Reveals Lisa Vanderpump Was On Her First Date With Mohamed Hadid; Admits Rhinoplasty

I didn’t expect to enjoy watching Second Wives Club, but I actually do. Sure, it’s no Real Housewives, but I like it and a major part of that is attributed to Shiva Safai. It’s a little surprising though since she’s a classy voice of reason, but she manages to entertain without being mean or wild.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she’s the only name I recognized in the entire cast since she is engaged to Mohamed Hadid, the ex husband of Yolanda Hadid and the best friend of Lisa Vanderpump. Her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ties were enough to suck me into the show and now I’m into it.

Since Shiva has some strong ties to RHOBH, I figured she would have just done that, but she took a risk by doing a new show on her own. In an interview for Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop podcast, Shiva recalled, “It just kind of felt right. I felt that they would show the audience who the real me is and why our relationship works the way it does. They’ll show how we truly are because people are so quick to judge you just because they see the age gap and they’ll label you in a second.”

The reality TV newcomer also discussed her first date with her fiance and told Heather that Mohamed said, “If you don’t mind, I have my friend Lisa Vanderpump and her husband Ken [Todd] joining us.” She continued, “He pretty much brought Lisa to grill me the whole night and it was fun.” That doesn’t sound “fun” to me, but clearly Shiva passed the Vanderpump test since they are still together. Shiva added, “She was like ‘Thank god you’re not in your twenties’ and that broke the ice.” And just in case you were wondering, Giggy was also present for that very first date- talk about an intimidating crowd.

After getting compliments from Heather about her appearance, Shiva revealed, “I had a rhinoplasty.” She also kept it pretty real by saying “I hate those people who say ‘Oh no I never did anything’ and it’s like so obvious. Be honest. It’s not a big deal.” Preach, girl.

And after the obligatory Real Housewives of Beverly Hills talk and compliments, Heather and Shiva did actually discuss Second Wives Club. Just like most other “reality” shows at this point, the ladies weren’t a tight knit friend group before the start of the show. Shiva admitted, “I knew a couple of them” and added “Katie [Cazorla] and Veronika [Obeng] through mutual friends.”

For the most part Shiva gets along with all of the women, but she isn’t a fan of Tania Mehra…then again that applies to a majority of the cast. Shiva explained, “Going below the belt and bringing in family and kids is just a no-no” and “That just says so much about someone’s character and I want to steer away from that.” I totally get where she’s coming from, but everyone hating Tania is the main story line of this show.

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