Jenelle Evans & David Eason In St. Thomas

It’s a big, big world but wherever Jenelle Evans goes, mayhem follows! In the latest, Jenelle, David Eason, and their brood – including Jace – hit the beach for a family vacation to St. Thomas, but before they landed on home soil, Jenelle was accused of attacking a fan at the airport.

Jenelle claims a “starstruck” fan refused to stop taking photos of them, even though Jenelle told the woman she was scaring Jace and David’s daughter Maryssa. MTV cameras were also filming the family vacation, and apparently captured the airport drama. Jenelle says after the woman refused to leave her alone, she insisted the Teen Mom 2 crew remove the over-zealous viewer from her vicinity. And that’s where the drama ended.

However, on twitter, the woman claimed a totally different story! She insists she was an innocent bystander who happened to be in the same airport restaurant as Jenelle, but was actually searching for her sister by looking around and simultaneously texting when David suddenly barged over, began shoving HIS phone in her face and accused her of stalking and harassing Jenelle.

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The Inquisitor reports, “David Eason, came up to her with his phone and recorded her, asking her how she likes to be filmed when she’s just trying to get her food.”

The woman claims David was so invasive people assumed they knew each other and initially weren’t sure how to react, but when they realized he was actually a stranger, security was called and they pulled David away! But, I thought David was so perfect?!

That’s when Jenelle confronted the woman about being “starstruck,” because she’s “famous reality star.” Jenelle also apparently told other diners this. (Jenelle claims she was simply trying to explain to a family from the UK why a random woman was allegedly filming her). Good grief! Jenelle is delusional!

Jenelle initially responded to the situation on her twitter, but then deleted it because she’s trying to keep her timeline ‘drama-free’.

Speaking of drama-free, Jenelle also had an incident over Mother’s Day weekend where she called the police on her mom Barbara over an argument about Jace where she accused Barbara of holding Jace hostage by breaking a scheduled visitation. “Jace did not want to go with her,” insists Barbara.

“She came over and banged on my garage and windows for a full hour,” Barbara told Radar Online. “She was going ballistic. The kids were hiding in the bedroom petrified.”

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Jenelle called the cops claiming the children were endangered and told them Barbara has a “mental illness.” But they’re Teen Mom 2 viewers so they didn’t believe her – KIDDING! The cops did not arrest anyone, but demanded Jenelle leave Barabara’s property. This incident happened before Jenelle and Barbara’s custody hearing, and we know how that turned out, so…

Sigh. Yep – Jenelle has changed, y’all! She ain’t gonna do bad no more!

Anyway, you can see photos of Jenelle and David’s vacation from reality below.


[Main Photo Credit: Instagram]

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