Teen Mom 2 Cast - Season 6

Same drama, different season – but regardless Teen Mom 2 continues on! As always. (At this point it should be renamed ‘Never Gonna Grow Up Mom’ *unless thy name is Chelsea Houska*). 

With season 6 capturing Leah Messer‘s drug use, custody battle, and second divorce, alongside Jenelle Evans‘ mugshot mania and dysfunctional drama with GTJ (Gym, Tan, Jail) ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith, MTV has decided to treat us to a season 7!

Yay, because that means we get more of Reality Tea writer Melissa’s scathing and hilarious Teen Mom 2 twitter commentary. And more Randalicious


The Ashley has learned from several show sources that the cast and crew “received word a few weeks ago” of MTV’s decision to renew Teen Mom 2.

Filming for season 7 is said to begin within the next two weeks. 

Sources report it’s “almost certain” that Leah, Kail Lowry, Jenelle and Chelsea will all return. Because other than Chelsea do any of them have other viable forms of income? But more importantly, the source alludes that MTV wouldn’t go forward with a seventh season if one of the girls left. “I highly doubt that they would continue without one of the lead girls,” reports the source.

Last season Leah almost quit in an attempt to the hide marital drama with Jeremy, but MTV reeled her back in (after Twitter outed her scandalous cheating ways!). 

The one person who may not return is Leah’s first ex-husband, Corey Simms. He’s expressed his frustration with the show. Now that he is expecting with wife Miranda, he apparently has more important things to worry about than drama. 

Unlike SOME Teen Mom 2 stars. (Ahem – Jenelle.) 

Despite Jenelle promising to change, and blaming all her issues on Nathan (who, I agree, is totally terrible in every way), Jenelle has swapped one ‘Nathan’ for another by latching herself on to a new loser guy. Hopefully she’s on birth control this time.  

Jenelle Evans new boyfriend David Eason

Jenelle & David! [Photo Credit: Instagram]

Jenelle has recently started dating David Eason. After a few weeks of bliss there’s already trouble in twitterdise! The drama started on the antiquated form of social media known as Facebook when David’s sister Rachel accused Jenelle of lying about graduating with her Medical Assisting Degree

The reasons Rachel doesn’t like Jenelle, according to OK! Magazine, include: “Because she doesn’t have her state certification since she failed the exam. Because when she isn’t being fabulous at a red carpet event, she’s partying locally. Because she has to actually have her kids longer than 4 hours to be a mother. No one is perfect, but they don’t have to be this train wreck either. There’s mistakes, and then there’s habitual f—kups.”

Jenelle quickly defended herself against Rachel’s accusations. “Ultimately my focus is on my family,” Jenelle declared, and therefore it doesn’t matter if she goes “to some red carpet events here and there.” Jenelle insisted she not only obtained her degree as a “backup plan,” but is pursuing a degree in Surgical Assisting next. 

“I’m not a train wreck anymore, it’s called growing up. You should try it!” Jenelle lectured Rachel. Actually, Jenelle, YOU should try growing up

David is hardly a paragon of virtue himself. The 27-year-old has two children, and spent three months in prison last year for offenses including larceny and drug charges. Yay – Jenelle and David can create a His-N-Hers mugshot scrapbook!

Didn’t Jenelle announce she was staying single to focus on herself and regaining custody of Jace? Yeah, Jenelle said that, but then the Prison Man Of the Month Club sent her their newest release. 


[Main Photo Credit: MTV]


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