Jenelle Evans Brags About Her Perfect Life With David Eason; Denies Cheating With Kieffer Delp

Jenelle Evans is pretending to be a grown up adult again – or at least she’s trying to play that role on TV! Despite juggling custody battles, baby daddies, babies galore, the Teen Mom 2 star brags that life is perfect – like for real. And she definitely has her act together this time too! [collective eye roll!]

With three kids (and three different daddies), Jenelle has decided the baby factory is definitely closed. Jenelle and fiancé of the month David Eason thought about a fourth kid, but then they remembered that parenthood is like so challenging! “David and I talked about it one day recently and how complicated things can get with Kaiser and Ensley together. They remind us why we are done.”

“But I love it,” Jenelle adds, “and wouldn’t trade my role as ‘mom.'” Not again, anyway. 


Thankfully control freak David gives Jenelle “a lot of help” juggling her newborn, her every other weekend toddler, and her weekend son Jace.

All Jenelle’s custody dramas can really wear a girl out – so exhausting! She’s still battling her mom Barbara Evans for custody of Jace, and her ex Nathan Griffith to co-parent Kaiser, 3.

“I make sure that I get Jace every weekend and have Kaiser every other weekend,” says Jenelle. She makes that precious time count with lots and lots of selfies and photo-ops! “I have also been trying to take family photos lately of everyone together. I don’t want anyone to feel excluded from our family.”

Everyone except Babs – but that’s her own fault! “I have no idea why my mom feels this way towards David, but I’m thinking it might be a jealously issue. David has never done anything wrong to her,” defends Jenelle, “and still doesn’t really speak to her to this day, even though he disagrees with a lot of things she believes.” Like being a responsible parent?

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Jenelle and Babs are back in court next month. This time Jenelle is finally ready to be Jace’s full-time mom for the first time ever.

She keeps Jace out of her fights with Babs – cause Jenelle forgets that we watch this thing called TEE VEE. “Jace doesn’t have a ‘side,'” swears Jenelle. “He loves me and my mother equally and that will never change. I’m OK with that, too. I tell Jace and explain that me and my mom try to get along, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. I don’t argue or even raise my voice in front of him anymore. If she makes me frustrated, I’ll simply hang up—no need for all of that extra stress.”

OMG – Jenelle you’re like such a super mature awesome mom! Like so responsible! You totally have finally figured out birth control, and like family planning, and like David is SUCH a good role-model! Jenelle sells him to E! News like he’s a contestant on The Bachelor. Criminal records and lost custody probably mean you won’t get a rose...

David is such a humble man and has never disrespected me. He can handle me so well” Jenelle gushes. “He’s perfect to me.” Thankfully somebody took him off the market and spared the rest of us, but let’s see if Mr. Perfect actually makes it down the aisle with Ms. Less Than Perfect.

Jenelle also touts David’s strong family values! His priorities! His excellent parenting!  Where’s his son he can’t see? “He loves to make sure to tell them the importance of school, staying out of trouble, worrying about being a kid,” continues Jenelle. “David also likes to make the kids go outside to play versus being stuck inside playing video games, which Jace absolutely loves to do.”

Well, since she’s found the perfect man, and the perfect parenting balance, Jenelle is also ready for the perfect career – medical billing is like so 2 seasons and 2 menz ago. Now it’s totally her dream to flip houses! Watch out Tarek and Christina… OH wait!

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Things are so perfect for Jenelle, there’s no way she’d cheat with shady ex- Kieffer Delp! After Jenelle posted a photo of Enlsey, which had some fans  commenting that her skin tone looked more like Kieffer’s than David’s, Jenelle shot down rumors he’s secretly Ensley’s father. Jenelle blamed an Instagram filter which “made her look dark” and denied the speculation as “ridiculous” to The Dirty.

Jenelle Evans daughter Ensley

The photo in question… [Credit]

In other Jenelle dramas she is not looking forward to the possibility of Briana DeJesus joining TM2.  “I don’t understand why MTV wants to add a girl to the mix that was never part of our 16 & Pregnant season,” Jenelle complained.  “None of this makes sense, but it’s whatever.”

Jenelle “dislikes” Briana and blames her for starting drama with “comments she has made about me in the past.” Yeah – Jenelle doesn’t want another train wreck invading her turf!


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