I will never understand why people go on reality TV if they plan to be shady with their financial situation. Case in point, Karen Huger and this mysterious real estate situation on Real Housewives of Potomac. Nothing about it makes any sense. For someone who goes out of her way to boast about her wealth and status, getting tight lipped after an overnight move is highly suspicious and Monique Samuels is just as confused as I am.

What’s with all the secrecy, Karen? Why be so shady in such a public forum? How does it make any sense? Will we ever get any answers? Most likely not. It seems like Karen only has something to say when it comes to other people’s business, but never with her own.

Monique (tried to) shed some light on the Huger real estate mystery in her latest Bravo blog entry. Now that Monique has a break from her feud with Gizelle Bryant, she is embroiled in the tension between Karen and Charrisse Jackson-Jordan. I really don’t get why anyone would get so proprietary over hosting a vacation, but they really got into it and it was beyond unnecessary. It didn’t even make for good TV in all honesty.

Monique explained, “I decided to talk to Karen because she made it her business to put the Gizelle saga to bed, once and for all. For a good two minutes, there was peace amongst the group. Now that Karen and Charrisse are at odds, I thought I could possibly help her out this time and give an unbiased opinion.” She felt like she owed her one and I totally get it, but what a waste of a favor: mediating an argument over hosting a trip. Too ridiculous.

Still, Monique didn’t really get to mediate anything. She recalled, “Unfortunately, I could not get more than five words in, so at least I gave her an ear for listening.” Right. I’m sure that meant so much to Karen……

The big elephant in the room is Karen’s beyond suspect financial situation. Even Monique, who tries to be nice to everyone, is so thrown off by Karen’s behavior. The newest Housewife admitted, “Karen’s secrecy when it comes to her move is still a mystery to me. She either doesn’t want to tell us everything or she’s hiding something. There’s usually never so much suspense around buying and selling a home.” Honestly. Karen just brought this drama on herself. How could she brag about her life and her home so much and then expect no one to react when she packs up her belongings in the middle of the night to move into (an allegedly) foreclosed home.

Monique logically dissected the situation: “You move because you’ve either outgrown a house, want to downsize, or simply want something different. When Chris and I were moving every year, we kept our main home in Vienna and rented a home in Tuscaloosa, Alabama since it was temporary and for work. I’m not understanding why Karen would want to rent a home much larger than the one she wants to downsize from (especially if the whole point of the move was to DOWNsize), all while she is deciding where she really wants to be.” Exactly! It just doesn’t add up…. unless Karen is lying about her family’s finances.

Nevertheless, Monique tried to be nice, writing, “To each its own!” And then she continued, “I would only rent if, financially, it made sense. I don’t believe in throwing money away, especially if I can afford to make a purchase. She and the Dr. Black Bill Gates must have a lot more money than anyone initially thought to be throwing away thousands every month! Cheers to them! As long as they’re happy, that’s all that matters!” I can’t tell if that last part was shady or if she was just genuinely giving them the benefit of the doubt. Either way, I suspect that Karen will have a lot to answer for at the reunion. Do I think she will actually respond to the questions that come her way? No, but I’m sure Andy Cohen will ask them anyway.