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LWLA’s Terra Jole Reveals Matt Ericson Has Separate Bank Account; Says Briana Renee Needs Help

As the season finale of Little Women: LA approaches next week, the drama has reached an all time high – even for Terra Jole’s group of argue-maniacs.

In her blog, Terra recounts what went down on that boat in Alaska between Briana Renee and her serial-cheating husband, Matt Ericson [Grundhoffer]. And if you can believe it, there was actually more putrid filth coming from Matt’s mouth than even the editing allowed! Terra also lays blame at pretty much every one else’s feet for her own problems. So, business as usual.

Terra begins by recapping the “boat of infidelity,” commenting, “If anyone is ready to get off this boat, it’s me. I wish there was an ‘intervention’ over what we are all hearing. Hearing Briana getting stepped on by Matt again is making my ears bleed. The last thing I want to do is butt in again to protect Briana and have the tables turn on me when it’s actually their own marriage problem. Personally, Briana needs friends — and help. Her self confidence is so low that she feels Matt is the best she can get.”

In her People blog, Terra shares some behind the scenes moments that didn’t hit the air – and because they involve Matt, they are of course totally vile and disturbing. She writes, “What you didn’t see in the footage was that Matt was yak’n about how his family never trusted her and they made him an extra bank account for a rainy day like this. Plus, he doesn’t get enough sex, etc. … puke, etc. How twisted and messed up are you to tell your wife that in front of everyone? Then, Briana is acting like there are things she needs to change! GIRL, he just admitted to cheating on you!!!!!! Get me off this boat, I’m feeling less intelligent just hearing all of Briana’s ignorance!”

So, let’s get this straight: Matt is claiming his parents set their unemployed, deadbeat son up with secret funds just in case Briana dumps his cheating, lying, abusive butt out? Oh, that is RICH. Small suggestion to Matt for future financial planning: GET A JOB.

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After expressing support for Tonya Banks’ plans to marry Kerwin, Terra launches into her assessment of Jasmine Sorge’s beef with her. She defends, “Ironic that the one person that I’ve done nothing to wanted to have the notorious intervention. Girl, bye. What was I addicted to? Arguing? I’m fighting for something that I feel strongly about and you’re fighting me because I’m fighting? Huh??? Don’t get me wrong, I love Jasmine, but pick your battles. Why fight for other people’s issues? It’s exhausting and frankly not worth your oxygen!”

But we all know that Terra’s issues have always – and will always – be about Christy McGinity Gibel. Terra writes, “Here’s the truth. Do I care about Christy? No. Do I care if we are good or bad? No! Honestly I’m just over holding on to resentment. The fact that Christy got a taste of what I went through with the bar fight ‘concussion’ fiasco, and can’t let this video that she did go, is just as dumb as us being friends.”

Even when Elena Gant tried to share her issues with Terra’s horrific behavior, Terra chalked it up to Elena being a “fake friend,” focusing again on her feud with Christy rather than her own ridiculous behavior.

Terra argues, “Elena backing up Christy is just a sad excuse for her having issues with me. She doesn’t give two hoots about Christy!!! Elena just doesn’t know how to voice to me how she really feels. Even hearing her state that she wouldn’t have apologized to me if she didn’t think I had cancer … well I don’t, so why do you pretend to be my friend? The layer of fake on a real friend sucks the most. It makes me question if she really is a real friend. Personally, this trickles back to DWTS. She hasn’t been okay with me since then.”

Next week’s LWLA finale previews Kerwin asking Tonya to marry him, Briana and Matt going to counseling (in preparation for their spinoff), and Terra finding herself without many friends left, which is exactly what she should expect after acting like a tyrant. But I’m not sure she’ll see it that way.


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