Shannon struggles with weight and marriage

Shannon Beador Takes Responsibility For Weight Gain; Refuses To Acknowledge Vicki Gunvalson By Name

The first episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County season was a rough one for Shannon Beador and it’s clear that the rest of the season will not be much easier. After renewing her vows with her husband (a reality TV rite of passage at this point), Shannon’s marriage is rocky again and she even blamed nemesis Vicki Gunvalson for her weight gain.

It seems like Shannon’s approach has drastically changed since filming wrapped since she is actually taking responsibility for gaining weight and she refuses to mention Vicki by name- which is a stark contrast from blaming her for just about everything to ever happen in the history of the universe.

In her first Bravo blog of the season, Shannon admitted, “I’m not going to lie.  It’s not very easy to watch this episode and it will probably continue to be difficult as the season goes on.”

She shared, “By the beginning of this year, I gained almost 40 pounds in an eight month period. I am the one responsible for gaining the weight. A combination of factors contributed to my weight gain, but it all started with the stress related to false allegations made about my husband last year. For a five month period, I didn’t know whether those false allegations were going to be made public, whether they were going to believed, and most importantly whether my husband and children would be damaged. As the stress built up, I started and eating and drinking more than I ever have. And as you see, I’m not in a good space. I look in the mirror and don’t recognize myself. I am embarrassed.”

Finally Shannon is taking responsibility for this, but I can’t help wondering if it’s genuine or if it’s just a result of backlash she received from the viewers after the Season 12 trailer was released.

Now Shannon is doing her best not to mention Vicki, but it’s very clear who she’s referring to when she wrote, “Someone thinks that they are somehow owed an apology which I find outrageous. When false allegations were made, I very clearly stated that I would never, ever speak to this person again and I meant it.” Is this even possible though? Aren’t they contractually obligated to interact during filming?

Shannon continued to shade Vicki by discussing the shit talking scene with her most recent partner in crime Kelly Dodd. Shannon claimed, “I don’t have a problem not sitting with the ‘popular girls’ in the cafeteria.” She also stood up for Tamra Judge after Vicki said the CUT Fitness parking lot was empty and Kelly made fun of her fitness competition. Shannon said, “And I was quite shocked to hear the cruel statements made about my good friend Tamra who is a very successful business woman and nothing but an inspiration after winning a fitness competition at 48!” The battle lines are very clearly drawn this season. Now we just have to see if the other ladies end up picking sides in this feud with Kelly and Vicki against Shannon and Tamra.

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