Shannon Beador Blames Vicki Gunvalson For Weight Gain; Viewers Defend Vicki

By now even the brave souls living on a space shuttle have probably seen the Real Housewives Of Orange County season 12 preview, which features a frustrated Shannon Beador blaming her weight gain on Vicki Gunvalson. Apparently Dr. Moon can’t adjust pounds caused by crazy co-workers?

Gesturing to her midsection, Shannon shrieks, “This is stress! And that is Vicki Gunvalson!” Cause Vicki is living in Shannon’s vodka bottle fridge and handing her ice cream? Vicki is also forcing Shannon to continue returning to RHOC even though Shannon can’t stand Vicki? Of course, if Shannon did not have access to Vicki via Bravo, who would she blame for everything that goes wrong in her life?

Despite no one really having the warm and fuzzies towards Vicki, viewers weren’t letting Shannon blame her body issues on the OG of the OC.

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Courtesy of Twitter, Shannon couldn’t hide from the wrath of viewers. “Blaming someone else for your weight gain really?! Then let’s see I shall blame… Tell your bff to help you, she does own a gym,” snapped one fan. Another tweet complained, “I don’t understand why you blame your weight gain over Vicki.. it’s childish.”

A user named ‘Sonja’s Yacht’ used Mama Joyce to illustrate her reaction to Shannon‘s attitude. You can view the hilarious gif here. Another tweet argued, “Your weight gain isn’t because of Vicki – it’s called….MENOPAUSE!” Ouch!

To be fair, Shannon also received sympathy from others struggling with weight or aging and weight gain. I absolutely feel empathy for her – especially going through a body transformation in the public eye, but blaming Vicki? C’mon. How about David and THE AFFAIR? Or Vodka? Or not working out? Or maybe Dr. Moon? Whatever it is – I hope Shannon is healthy and finds peace with her appearance. And if not, she could always leave RHOC to escape Vicki.

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Oh, and by the way – I am SO FREAKING EXCITED that RHOC is back!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]