Landon Clements Thinks Southern Charm Has Been “Sugarcoating” Shep Rose’s Image For A While & That We Finally Saw The “Real Shep”

This season of Southern Charm hasn’t been the best look for Shep Rose, but even with his most dramatic  season yet, there is still way more fan support for him than Landon Clements. So of course, Landon is thriving from Shep’s unflattering edit this year and she’s very adamant that we got to see “the real Shep.”

After Landon embarrassingly told Shep she loved him last year in an effort to create a story line  and he turned her down, things have been awkward between them. Plus she gets so much hate for her role in the Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis saga, so hating on Shep is one way to detract from herself.

In an interview with Bravo’s Daily Dish, Landon declared, “We finally got to see the real Shep. They’ve been sugarcoating him for a while now.” I’m pretty sure he’s been partying, sleeping in, and hitting on girls this whole time. I’m really not seeing the major decline that she and the rest of the cast have been complaining about.

Still, Landon continued, “When Cameran Eubanks found him in his bed, full clothes at 1 PM, that is Shep.”

When she was asked about the possibility of a relationship with Shep (which just seems wayyyyyy off base at this point), Landon said, “Did you miss two minutes ago that he’s going to be on a dating show? I’m so good.” She took another dig at him: “I love him very much, but you see a grown man in his clothes at 1 PM on a Tuesday and I don’t love that.”

But then she flip flopped and said, “Eventually we’ll be so old and we won’t be bothered to date anyone. And there we are still on this little island so, who knows?”  Oh god.. No. No, thank you.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]