Meghan apologizes for Glamis

Meghan Edmonds Thinks Lydia McLaughlin Gets “A Little Too Involved With The Other Girls’ Drama And Business”

So far this season, Meghan Edmonds has had zero drama with the rest of the Real Housewives of Orange County ladies. That’s because the only scenes she’s filmed have been with her husband and baby, but it’s good for staying out of the fray and still collecting that Bravo paycheck.

Even though Meghan has stayed away from the controversy, she did watch the last episode and she has plenty of opinions about everything that has gone down.

Minus that whole investigating Brooks Ayers for faking cancer thing, Meghan is usually pretty neutral on RHOC, so it is pretty surprising that she threw some solid shade in her Bravo blog. Before the shade throwing, Meghan admitted, “Two episodes in and I’m loving that everything has been drama free so far (for me at least)! It’s been nice watching the drama start to play out, without being a part of it yet.”

Then she said, “We finally got to meet Peggy [Sulahian] this week and I’m curious to see everyone’s thoughts on her and her lavish lifestyle.” She also made this super interesting comment: “I thought it was interesting that she made sure to point out that her and Diko’s [Sulahian] cars actually belong to them. It never even entered my mind that her cars would be ‘borrowed’ and not owned until she mentioned it *cocks head in slight amusement.* I was also a little shocked to see the extravagant gifts from Diko given in front of guests.” “Modest” is definitely not the word to describe this couple- at least not so far.

Meghan remarked, “I did have to laugh that Tamra [Judge] deleted Briana [Culberson] off of social media, but it was really nice to see that Briana went to the party regardless of any drama and then left when she got uncomfortable. Briana’s always been the most mature one in her family!” Was that a compliment to Briana or some shade thrown at Vicki Gunvalson? Maybe both.

Meghan shared, “I’ve loved getting to know Lydia and definitely consider her a friend, but one thing I’ve noticed so far this season is that she’s been getting a little too involved with the other girls’ drama and business.” “A LITTLE too involved” would be putting it mildly. Lydia is really doing the absolute most when it comes to her meddling.

Meghan said, “It’s great that she wants to try to heal friendships, but sometimes it’s just not possible and you have to know when to stop.” EXACTLY. Preach, Meghan.

She also brought up another good point: “I thought it was potentially invasive and for sure uncomfortable that she brought up a major surgery with Peggy when she had only met her five minutes ago.” Slow down, Lydia.

Meghan continued, “Then to bring up Vicki to Shannon [Beador] when they had just met? It was so weird and I don’t understand why she’d do that, let alone then trying to continue the conversation. Shannon was clearly upset about Vicki and Lydia rubbed her the wrong way with bringing her up. Even though Shannon should have just walked away, it seemed like Lydia was purposely trying to make things worse! That’s no way to make friends.” After a lackluster first season, Lydia is really doing what she can to be noticed this second time around.

Meghan also teased, “The drama heats up even more next week!”

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Tonight is a new episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. The ladies continue their reign of terror on public establishments when Shannon erupts into a shrieking fit when Kelly Dodd suggests she might need some hormones to balance herself out. All hell breaks loose from there. We can’t wait, so join us here at 9/8 C!


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