After a blah first season, Real Housewives of Potomac really stepped up its game with round two. One part of that was casting Monique Samuels– one of two people in the cast who actually live in Potomac.

Aside from actually living in the city from the show’s title, Monique is one of the few cast members who is in a happy relationship and isn’t lying about her finances- so of course, that didn’t sit well with some people.

Monique talked to Olivia Caridi on her Mouthing Off podcast all about her experiences as a new Housewife. When discussing the reunion, Monique explained, “After watching everything and seeing what people had to say and I thought things were fine, I had to let a lot of things off my chest.” What bothered her the most? Monique shared, “I was not expecting to be called ‘dumb.’ I graduated at the top of my class twice and got a full academic scholarship. Who’s dumb? I was really taken aback by that.” She added, “The only things I wanted to address [at the reunion] were the attacks on my marriage and me being called dumb.”

Monique continued to discuss the reunion: “I wasn’t trying to fight with Robyn [Dixon]. I wasn’t trying to fight with Gizelle [Bryant] either. I just wanted to clear up some things and get some things off of my chest. One thing I notice about Gizelle- and I even said this at the reunion- is that she says a lot in her confessionals. And she said, ‘Yeah I did.’ She even admitted it.” Well, duh. That’s how these shows work.

When asked about her current status with Gizelle, Monique shared, “Yeah. We’re OK. We don’t really talk like that anyway unless it’s like a whole group atmosphere. We’re cordial. We’re fine. If she walks into the room and I’m in the room, there’s no tension. We’re good.”

Moving on from Gizelle, Monique and Olivia discussed the hot topic of the season: Karen Huger’s financial situation. Monique confessed, “We’re still trying to figure it out. We need two more seasons to cover that.” She made sure to add, “I love Karen, but I’m still confused.”

Another stand out story line is Ashley Darby’s relationship with her husband Michael Darby– especially that confrontation in the parking lot of their restaurant. Monique admitted, “My mouth was dropped the entire time and for once I was speechless. I could not believe it.” She said, “I was definitely cringing inside the entire time I watched it. I couldn’t believe it.” It was definitely tough to watch. That’s for sure.

Monique addressed  the constantly confusing relationship between Robyn Dixon and her ex/current man Juan Dixon. Monique said, “The Robyn and Juan that I saw when were not filming were totally different from the Juan that I saw when he made those comments.” She continued, “We don’t know what conversations they’re having behind closed doors. I was definitely shocked, but at the same time, I was like they do have a very interesting relationship.” Then she said what most of the viewers have been thinking for the past two seasons: “They seem to be very comfortable because they’re parents, but they don’t seem to be very in love- like love overboard.” But she made sure to add, “Maybe they’re trying to work back to that. I don’t know.” Who knows? But it is a guaranteed story line for Season 3.

Speaking of the possibility of Season 3, Monique said, “I would do it if it made sense for me and my family.” So that’s a yes.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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