Peggy is shocked

Peggy Sulahian Describes The Fight Between Kelly Dodd & Shannon As “Mortifying”

So far, we don’t really know too much about the new girl Peggy Sulahian on Real Housewives of Orange County, but that’s not really her fault. Her second episode had her caught in the crossfires while Shannon Beador and Kelly Dodd came to blows at a restaurant.

Nevertheless, I really appreciated Peggy trying to lighten the mood by making comments about the food and innocently trying to eat. I could not help laughing, but no one in the scene with her seemed to be paying attention to her at all.

It had to be so crazy for Peggy to meet Shannon and Tamra for the very first time during that dinner. That’s a real crash course in being a Housewife if you ask me. In her Bravo blog, Peggy admitted, “They were nice and welcoming…Tamra was a really good listener and was very vocal about her life. Shannon quickly opened up about her life as well which I respected and thought was brave. I didn’t expect them to be as warm and welcoming as they were which I appreciated very much.” Usually the new girl gets hazed pretty hard, but considering that the battle lines have been drawn with Shannon and Tamra vs. Kelly and Vicki Gunvalson, everyone can use another person on her side. So obviously they are all being nice to Peggy.

Clearly Peggy has never seen this show since she was beyond shocked by the plate throwing and screaming that went down at The Quiet Woman. Peggy said, “That was so mortifying! I tried to keep it together and act calm on the surface, but I was so embarrassed to be a part of that and to witness it in general. How could they comfortably argue in public and not be ashamed?” That’s how this show works. Housewives love arguing in public.

And to be honest this restaurant has received so much publicity from it so whatever embarrassment the owners/managers had that nice has to be alleviated considering that The Quiet Woman is now an iconic location in Real Housewives history. Peggy joked, “I kept trying to change the subject to the food and how good the vegetables were, but of course, nobody understands my humor!”

Peggy continued, “So this was all new to me… What I don’t completely understand, is how Shannon went from zero to 100 that quick. She couldn’t control her mouth with her vulgar vocabulary and aggressive hand gesticulations on the dinner table. Part of me had that reaction, but I do understand her frustration with Kelly and how she was provoked.” Neither Kelly nor Shannon was completely in the right when it comes to this situation. Peggy added, “Maybe Shannon stormed off at her daughter’s cotillion class the same way she stormed off on Lydia [McLaughlin] last week…”

Being a Housewife isn’t for the faint of heart so it should be interesting to see how Peggy holds up for the rest of the season since she admitted, “By the end of the evening, I was completely shaken up. Lydia kept asking me if I was doing okay, but I was trying to act calm on the surface.” I really don’t see how she could be too affected by this. She got a front row seat to a very interesting show. This is how reality TV is. She knows what she signed up- or at the very least she should have known.

Still, Peggy did make a valid point: “I mean, there were plates flying around that dinner table…my entire life was on mute for weeks after my surgery, and then the moment I get out of the house, there’s cat fights going on at the dinner table.”

Peggy said, “It seems like Lydia was more concerned than I was which is so compassionate of her, but I’m slowly learning to just not engage in those quarrels.” Considering that Lydia is the one who invited Kelly without telling anyone and she didn’t even get called out for it, Lydia should be anything but concerned. She should have just been grateful that Kelly and Shannon didn’t blow up on her.

Peggy continued, “Hopefully the air gets cleared between Shannon and Kelly, because life is too short! I just wanna party!” Same, Peggy. Same here.

Aside from innocently trying to enjoy her meal in the middle of conflict, Peggy also talked a lot about her mastectomy and reconstructive surgery during the last episode. In a recent Instagram post, Peggy posted about her surgery saying, “Thank you Dr. Strawn @scultura_plastic_surgery and Sheena @hemkin for being so amazing, and for doing such a great job.” In another post she admitted, “I can’t wait to get these bandages off.” Good for Peggy.

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