Shannon teaches Sophie to drive

After the craziness that went down during last week’s Real Housewives of Orange County episode at The Quiet Woman, this week’s episode was a walk in the park for Shannon Beador. Then again, pretty much nothing could outdo the plate throwing that took place at The Quiet Woman.

Aside from teaching her daughter how to drive and complaining about Kelly Dodd, Shannon had a pretty uneventful episode – or so she thought. Behind Shannon’s back, Kelly theorized that Shannon has Stockholm Syndrome, with Tamra Judge as her captor. Shannon obviously had a lot to say about that.

Shannon started out her Bravo blog post with some remorse: “So we’ve all had a day to process the drama that happened at The Quiet Woman, and I am absolutely embarrassed for my part of the hoopla. Some people claim to enjoy upsetting others, but I don’t. And by the way Kelly Dodd, I do ‘own my behavior’ and I take responsibility for things that I do that are wrong. Both last week and this week, I have stated that I’m not the happiest with my behavior at the restaurant. Last week, I apologized to Lydia McLaughlin. Enough.”

Enough? That’s wishful thinking, Shannon. Unfortunately you’re going to have to talk about all this same shit again whenever the reunion tapes.

Shannon wrote, “Kelly said it was just a ‘matter of time’ before she ran into me and she made sure that it finally happened.” Kelly did not “run into” Shannon. She was invited to the restaurant by Lydia (multiple times) and showed up.

Shannon addressed the allegations Kelly made behind her back: “One thing is for certain, though…no one is my puppet master. And I don’t even know how to respond to Kelly’s newest revelation that I have ‘Stockholm’s syndrome.’ Completely ignorant.”

It also just doesn’t make any sense. Kelly tends to be a little off with the analogies.

Even though it was a relatively easy episode for Shannon, it was a tough one for her BFF Tamra. Shannon confessed, “It is so difficult to watch my good friend Tamra Judge go through such heartache as she was cut out of her daughter’s life. I can’t even imagine the pain she has experienced and I have such a respect for her strength.” She also explained why she wasn’t there for Tamra’s big night: “I feel horrible that I wasn’t there to support Tamra because David [Beador] surprised our family with a trip to Mexico, but I was there in spirit. Her speech was amazing!”

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