Meghan apologizes for Glamis

After three episodes on her own, Meghan Edmonds finally interacted with another cast member on Real Housewives of Orange County and of all people it was Kelly Dodd. Meghan shared that she texted Kelly to ask if she was having an affair and that she got super offended when Kelly told her that she heard Meghan’s husband Jim Edmonds was having an affair.

In my eyes, they basically committed the same offense, but Meghan thinks it’s a million times worse of Kelly to say because she was pregnant – which seems like a major stretch to me. Fortunately for Meghan (as a person) this whole exchanged happened via text message and before the season started filming. Unfortunately for Meghan (as a reality TV show cast member) this whole exchanged happened via text message and before the season started filming and she doesn’t have a strong story line so far.

Meghan opened up about the last episode in her Bravo blog.

Of course Meghan had to defend her comments she made about not asking her cousin about her nanny qualifications before hiring her: “I’m finally back in the OC with the rest of the girls and am so excited that you get to meet my cousin, Bridget, this week! And yes, it might have slipped my mind to ask her for her qualifications to be a nanny, but I’ve known her my entire life and it was definitely the best decision. It turns out she’s very qualified and has been a nanny prior to working for us. I love that I’m able to have someone that I know and trust!”

People need to chill with the mommy shaming. Obviously Meghan was just saying that she knows her cousin well and didn’t feel the need to interrogate her before giving her the job.

She also addressed her situation with Kelly Dodd: “It was so nice to see Kelly Dodd after months of only talking via texts – even if some of the texts weren’t the nicest. I had texted Kelly after I heard a rumor and decided that I should go straight to the source to clear it up. I honestly thought that it was okay for me to ask her about the rumor because I know that Kelly has been open about her non-traditional marriage. She has talked about being publicly separated previously and being engaged to another man during the course of her marriage. I didn’t mean any harm by asking her about it, but unfortunately, that’s how it was perceived.”

Meghan continued, “Kelly even acknowledges that how she goes after people isn’t exactly ‘normal,’ so I wasn’t shocked when I later got the text from her about Jimmy. Hurt? Yes. But definitely not surprised. I didn’t want the added stress of a friend being mean to me while I was pregnant, so I more or less it go at the time.” Again, I have to say that I feel like they committed pretty parallel offenses here.

Still Meghan teased, “Like they say, time heals all wounds – or does it? Stay tuned.” She also said, “I’ve done a pretty good job staying out of the drama so far…looks like that might change next week!”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]