Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Episode 5 : Court is Now in Session

On Teen Mom 2, it’s another day, another baby. Or court case, either one would work for this crew. Kailyn Lowry has both – a new pregnancy and she’s heading to court with ex Javi Marroquin to get her emergency Protection From Abuse (PFA) enforced for an extended period of time. Chelsea DeBoer is also dealing with mediation with Adam Lind but it gets side tracked when he tested positive for drugs. Leah Messer is neither in court nor having a baby and is just trying to keep up with school and cheer practices while Briana DeJesus is dealing with Nova starting to notice she’s biracial. As for Jenelle Evans, she is fresh off a weekend away getting engaged to David Eason and ready to move into their new home soon.

To celebrate, Jenelle and David stayed overnight in the mountains, leaving David’s mom and sister to handle all four kids, including six day old Ensley. I know, I know, Jenelle is going to get dragged for leaving her six day old and I’m not sure why she didn’t think she would. Either way, at breakfast in the mountains before they head back, Jenelle discusses wedding plans and how thankful she is that this engagement is different than her other one because she doesn’t have to worry about David and his loyalty to her. Uhhh yeah, I guess that’s a good start. She worries about how mom Barb will take the news but hopes she is happy for her.


She doesn’t have to wait long because when they get back, Barb brings Jace over. Barb notices the ring right away and Jenelle tepidly tells her “oh yeah, we got engaged”. Barb looks neither surprised or impressed but compliments her ring anyway and moves onto bigger issues. Jace has been acting up a lot and even hit her, causing her to bruise. Jenelle decides a good way to try and get him to stop is to tell him that if he did this when he’s older, he would go to jail for it. Barb mentions when they went to the doctor, the doctor asked Jace if he felt bad and he said no. Since he’s not showing any remorse, both Jenelle and Barb decide it’s time to start looking into therapy.

Over in ex Nathan Griffith’s steroid infused world, he got wind of Jenelle getting engaged and tells his friend he doesn’t care while they lift weights. She’s been engaged like, four times before, according to him and wonders what kind of mom 1) leaves their newborn so soon and 2) names their kid Ensley.

The modular home on Jenelle’s land was delivered and she takes the kids and Barb to go see it. Barb is highly impressed, taking video on her phone and complimenting every last square inch of the place. It is nice but I don’t see that lasting long as the kids run and rough house through the insulation and construction.


Leah meets her friend Liz to work out and get sold on selling lipstick online, she just doesn’t know it yet. But Liz barely lets Leah get a set in before she is telling her all about LipSense and how Leah needs to get on board. Leah doesn’t seem particularly enthused but Liz puts the hard sell on her, saying how much she needs to show the world she can go to school and run a successful multilevel marketing scheme business at the same time. Leah agrees and wastes no time doing a home video to get to selling.


Corey Simms calls to let her know Ali didn’t want to go to tumbling for the second week in a row because she is tired and they both agree that they shouldn’t push it. A few days later in the car, Leah talks to Ali about it and asks why she doesn’t want to do it anymore. Ali says it’s too hard and Gracie complains that she can do it but doesn’t want to. She’s too young to understand Ali’s limitations so Leah thoughtfully explains that there are different things different people have the ability to do but there are so many activities to choose from, it’s ok to not be able to do one everything.


Nova has started asking Briana and the family if she can get her hair straightened. Briana thinks telling her that she would have to go to the salon every week to keep it up is going to deter Nova, which it does not. She doesn’t even understand what that really means. The subject comes up again when they are all out to lunch, with Roxanne saying that Nova is old enough to start understanding she looks different and also that her dad isn’t around as much as he should be. Briana lists all the ways Devoin is falling short as a father and Roxanne tells her at this stage, she should take what she can get from him because Nova adores him. They continue to talk about how perceptive Nova can be at this age and hey, it’s probably not that hard for Nova to be aware of all these things considering she’s sitting right at the table with them as they openly discuss it. I know she’s a child but it really drives me crazy how they sit there and talk about her like she doesn’t understand and then wonder how she picks up on these things so quickly.


Devoin would like Nova to know his side of the family more, especially since she needs to be exposed to the African American side of her family and culture but he’s frustrated that Briana will only let him visit at her place. He comes over and they discuss how his absence in her life is starting to affect Nova and he explains that he will get his driver’s license back soon so that should help matters. Briana admits that Nova notices she’s black and being around his family would really help her accept that she isn’t so different from everyone else. Nova comes in, thrilled to see Devoin and he immediately praises her for her beautiful hair. Briana just wants him to try more, even if that means checking in on the regular until he gets his license back.


At Chelsea and Cole’s house, life is good with new baby Watson and Aubree is settling into their new family dynamic. She even wrote Cole the sweetest birthday card, saying how happy she is that her mom met him at the gas station. But thanks to Adam, Chelsea has to deal with mediation because he wants to get his child support lowered. Taylor received the same notice and they imposed random drug tests on him too, which didn’t take long for him to fail. The day Chelsea is supposed to go to court, she finds out that the petition was dismissed and the hearing is cancelled. We then find out that Adam likely cancelled it because he knew he couldn’t win, not to mention, he tested positive for both methamphetamines and amphetamines. No one can get a hold of Adam to determine what this means for visitation and Chelsea realizes how bad off he has to be to fail a drug test when he knows he is going to be subjected to them on the regular.


Kail has her hands full with school, the boys and another baby on the way. She fills Jo in on the PFA she filed against Javi and while Jo always remains supportive in his words, I’m pretty sure I heard his eyes rolling over the phone as she told him.


Javi tells Producer J.C. his side of the story and how upset he is that Kail would go so far as to cause issues with his reputation and most importantly, his military career. He could receive an honorable discharge if this escalates and he maintains he has never once threatened her. Javi says once he clears his name, he will never talk to her again outside of Lincoln, which seems to be exactly what Kail wants out of this whole thing. That and she just wants him to take her seriously now.

Court comes and goes and Kail gets her way – to avoid looking into any allegations of abuse and dragging this thing out, Javi consents to her terms and signs an agreement to keep his distance for a year. He’s still pissed about it but for now, the matter is behind them and Kail is relieved that she won’t have to deal with him anymore.


Photo Credit: MTV