Lydia McLaughlin gets a car for her birthday

Oh, Lydia McLaughlin had so much good happen on this week’s episode of Real Housewives Of Orange County – but the number one important event wasn’t Doug agreeing to a consolation for his ball removal, but that Lydia convinced Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge to meet and talk. Looks like the U.N. should be contacting Bravo to find their newest delegate. But maybe Lydia needs a lesson in the diplomacy of not calling people crazy first.

First up, since Lydia loves Doug’s balls, she wants us to know that she doesn’t actually want to get them cut off – she just wants them to stop producing viable sperm. Even though Doug is the “leader of our family,” baby number four is not on Lydia’s radar! “I had called and made Doug his consultation for his vasectomy because I knew he never would.” 

“I don’t want to force him to have the procedure,” Lydia explains, “but I do want to initiate the first step.” There are practicalities to consider after all! “…I’m getting older, the idea of having a fourth child seems less and less ideal for our family.”

Especially since they have a magazine to run. Lydia was relieved that the Nobleman launch went well and was impressed by her castmates behaving like human people with the maturity of your average teenager. This allowed Lydia the opportunity to pot-stir the drama between Tamra and Vicki.

“I really do love having women uplift other women,” maintains Lydia, who swears it’s all love and good intentions! “We all have a lot to celebrate in our lives. We also all have a lot going on and need each other to build one another up, not try to tear each other down. I was grateful all the ladies took the time to come to my event and support my dream.”

“I know Tamra’s heart,” she continues. “She is a good person and I know deep down misses her friendship with Vicki. That is why I am trying to organize a sit down. I feel invested in their friendship. I think of them and picture Tamra’s wedding and Vicki as a bridesmaid.” Lydia clearly does NOT know Tamra’s heart. #SatanIsConfusing Nor Vicki’s for that matter!

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Lydia explains her meddling as, “I don’t like seeing my friends uncomfortable.”

Unfortunately hindsight is 20/20, and Lydia admits to being “naive” about the lies about cancer, and allegations about homosexual and abusive spouses past. “Watching it back, I understand more the hurt that has transpired, but at the time I really didn’t and just wanted everyone to make up,” Lydia insists. “That is always my desire. Fun and love, friendship and laughter. I know (especially now) that sometimes so much pain has been caused a relationship isn’t tangible.”

Lydia definitely doesn’t understand the crazytray that is Shannon Beador, though! (Does anyone?) Shannon asking Lydia “What about me?” in regards to a sit-down with Vicki left Lydia in a hyperactive glitter vortex.

“I have learned my lesson from having Shannon storm off on me after the first time I met her and brought up Vicki and I wasn’t about to try and go there again with her,” Lydia writes in her Bravo blog. “Tamra knows my heart and I’m invested in her relationship with Vicki. On the other hand, I’m not about to try and facilitate a reconciliation for Vicki and Shannon when I felt I had tried to do that and Shannon stormed off on me and in her blogs tried to label me a pot stirrer.”


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