If you’re a Teen Mom 2 fan (or not), you likely saw the unintended reveal of Kailyn Lowry’s pregnancy news as it happened on Twitter, courtesy of fellow cast mate, Jenelle Evans. Tonight you get to see what happened behind the scenes. Well, whatever Kail is willing to show, that is.

Kail maintains that she didn’t announce her pregnancy on social media because she wanted control of her own story and more importantly, she hadn’t passed the 20 week scan to make sure everything is ok. I can respect that –while she did sign up for a reality show, I do think some things are a given when it comes to privacy and pregnancy is one of them. Too bad Jenelle did not get the memo on that one and tweeted Kail congrats on her third pregnancy, blowing her whole cover. Naturally, Kail was pissed and wanted to get to the bottom of it. Jenelle said the MTV crew told her but when Kail confronted them, she decided that was unlikely she’s right but more on that in a second.

Kail decides to post her story in her own words on her blog and is relieved by the support she receives so she decides to join the Teen Mom 2 After show Live via Skype and talk about her pregnancy there too. She’s still feeling feisty about whether or not Jenelle truly meant her well wishes or if she was being a smart ass and has no problem saying it on the show. Minutes later, she gets a tweet from Jenelle saying that she isn’t the one who broke the news, Javi Marroquin did and she attaches the screen shots to prove it! What follows is a twitter fight he said/she said between Javi and Jenelle, who had no choice but to call him out as the true leaker of Kail’s news. Kail fumes about all the dirt she has on Javi but hasn’t released, like videos of him doing things he shouldn’t and naked pictures of him with another girl. She finally decides this isn’t worth her time and goes to bed, leaving Javi and Jenelle to duke it out.

Maybe Jenelle, in all of her moving, having a newborn and trying to get to the gym, just simply didn’t realize that Kail hadn’t announced her news anywhere on social media. I mean, yeah, it would have been helpful if she had just text Kail privately to send her well wishes, but I guess hindsight is 20/20. About that gym, Jenelle is really upset she can’t go and tells fiancé David Eason that they need to build one at home. On top of that, they need to build a playground for the kids, after Jace becomes increasingly bored hanging around the house where mom is busy with a new baby and David is busy…..on his phone.

Later, when Jenelle has a free moment to talk to her friend, she explains the drama that went down with Kail and Javi. As much as it sounds like Jenelle genuinely didn’t realize that the rest of the world didn’t know about Kail’s pregnancy since she heard it from a mutual friend who talks to Javi, one would think that Jenelle would have used more common sense since everyone knows that Javi and Kail are on horrible terms. Jenelle said she had no choice but to throw Javi under the bus for spilling the news because she had to cover her ass and wishes that Kail would have just come to her first instead of lashing out. I’m sure Kail wishes the same.


Chelsea DeBoer just got some ducks and chickens for their yard and Aubree is pretty excited. So excited that she can’t help herself and chases them around nonstop. Chelsea quickly loses her patience trying to take care of Watson and monitor Aubree handling the animals gently, so Aubree loses privilege of playing with the ducks and chickens without supervision. When Cole comes home and asks Aubree about playing with the animals, the producer tries to prompt Chelsea into explaining what happened and Chelsea refuses, not wanting to make it into a whole segment. Instead, an amused Cole takes Aubree out to play with the animals while he watches and guides her to do it gently.

Briana De Jesus has been trying to decide for months now whether or not putting her baby up for adoption is the right way to go. Baby Daddy Luis isn’t on board and won’t be getting there anytime soon, complicating matters. The more she thinks about it, the more Briana thinks she should prepare to bring this baby home and doesn’t want to deal with a lengthy court battle with Luis to try and give the baby up. But her mom Roxanne, isn’t so sure and uses driving to Briana’s ultrasound as an opportunity to tell her how she feels. Roxanne just can’t get past how scared she is that Briana is giving up her whole life when she hasn’t even lived it. Briana muses that maybe this was the life she was supposed to have.


Luis actually shows up for this ultrasound, which is only the second one he’s attended. But the baby is breech and doesn’t want to cooperate and show her face. Briana is instructed to go outside and run around and while she is busy with that, Roxanne decides that Luis should know her feelings too. She wants to know what he’s bringing to the table as a dad and his answer of not being there every day but being there in general definitely isn’t a good one. Roxanne doesn’t hide how annoyed she is and tells him what a horrible situation this baby will be brought into. Luis tries to talk about co-parenting again and Roxanne just calls BS.
Back in the ultrasound room, the baby still hasn’t switches positions, despite Briana running around outside. She can see half of the baby’s face and that’s going to have to be enough for today. Once Luis leaves, Roxanne tells Briana about their conversation and how he’s a quitter. She just can’t let the whole thing go and continues to hammer an emotional Briana at lunch. Briana doesn’t want to talk about the negative anymore and besides, she just wants to prepare to “have this f***ing baby”. Roxanne storms off, saying Luis is getting off easy while Briana cries at the table. A horrible situation indeed.

Leah Messer has withdrawn from her classes and can’t sign up for the online ones until next semester, leaving her more time to spend with her girls. At the playground with a friend, she is becoming more concerned about Ali’s condition, especially after Ali’s teacher told her she fell off her chair and has been complaining about her legs hurting her. The school might be able to provide her with an aide to help and it seems like the best option right now.
The next day when Leah picks the girls up from school, she asks Ali about how she’s feeling and finds out most of the time, Ali doesn’t even have time to finish eating her lunch.


Obviously, Leah is upset to hear this and brings it up to Corey Simms at the next drop off. He says they do their best to pack easy open lunches but really, there’s only so much they can do. Leah is worried Ali getting an aide will separate her from the other kids but Corey doesn’t see any other way and thinks it has to be done.

Later, Leah gets a call from Corey that Ali is having trouble breathing and they are going to take her to the emergency room. She grabs Addie and rushes out of the house so she can get to the ER to see her daughter.

Here’s hoping everything is OK and Ali feels better soon.


Photo Credit: MTV

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