Peggy Grabs Meghan's Lips

Even though it was reported everywhere that Meghan Edmonds would not be returning to Real Housewives of Orange County this season, she is back. She didn’t interact with any other cast members for the first three episodes, but she is back and even she thinks this season is boring.

And that is something most of us can agree on. Minus Shannon Beador’s iconic plate toss, this season has been a total snooze. Hopefully it picks up.

In an interview for the Reality Life With Kate Casey podcast, Meghan was asked, “Did you change your mind about coming on the show?” Good question, since it was highly reported that she wasn’t returning and the edit of the first few episodes this season made it very clear that she wasn’t interacting with the cast at that time.

Meghan said, “The reason I wasn’t on the first few episodes is because I didn’t want to travel with Aspen until she had all of her shots. I had her in St. Louis and there was an outbreak of I think Measles going around in St. Louis.”

Then, Meghan finally admitted, “But you’re right. I had said I wasn’t going to back and after having her I was like ‘Oh my god. Get me out of the house. I need to do something.’ And so I called the big bosses and was like ‘I want to come back. I just want to be back. I’ll do anything. I’ll beg. I’ll grovel. I just want to be back.’ And they’re like ‘We thought you didn’t want to,’ and I’m like ‘Yeah me too, but here I am.'”

I wonder how much of that decision to bring Meghan back had to do with Heather Dubrow’s seemingly subtle departure? After all Heather’s name was in everyone’s mouth for the first few episodes and Meghan’s wasn’t. Did they have no idea who was actually coming back to the show? Just wondering.

But anyway, love Meghan or not, everyone has to admit that she’s speaking for all the fans when she admitted, “I’m just hoping that this season picks up a little bit.” Same here, Meghan. Same, here. She continued to read my mind when she said, “I think it’s kind of weird that it’s so bifurcated the groups on the show. Is that weird to viewers too?” Kate Casey responded, “It doesn’t seem like any of you are really friends.” Exactly! It does not feel like a united show at all, just a bunch of separate lives rolled into one show with very little overlap.

Nevertheless, Meghan insisted, “I’m like this with Tamra [Judge] and Shannon. Tamra just texted me.”

When Kate said, “I don’t think the new Housewife Peggy [Sulahian] is interesting,” Meghan immediately said, “I don’t either.” Meghan might not bring the most excitement to this show, but her commentary is pretty on point in all honesty. Meghan continued, “Peggy is totally random I feel like. At least Lydia [McLaughlin] has connections to the group.”

Eh. I don’t know about that. Lydia’s “connection” to this group is a stretch too. It’s pretty obvious Lydia did not keep in touch with Tamra and Vicki Gunvalson when she left the show after her first season. Nevertheless, I do agree with Meghan when she said, “I just feel like Peggy was thrown in randomly.”

And once again Meghan pointed out how boring this season is when she said, “It’s been on forever and there’s something that keeps people coming back for more, even if it is boring.” Let’s hope it picks up. I’ll be watching it every week either way, but it would be nice to be entertained since I’m so committed to watching this show.

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