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As much as I love Real Housewives of Orange County, Season 12 is definitely “off” so far. It is just such a fragmented show with most of the women refusing to film together and there are no real story lines so far. Other than Shannon Beador throwing that plate full of food at Kelly Dodd, it’s been a pretty boring season.

Hopefully that changes, but as of now, the show is in the same place it has been for the past two seasons with Tamra Judge and Shannon refusing to associate with Vicki Gunvalson. The battle lines have been drawn with Vicki and Kelly on one side and Tamra and Shannon on the other.

Vicki and Kelly opened up about the season in an interview with Chicago Splash. The biggest issue is that Shannon and Tamra feel like Vicki attacked their marriages. During that ratchet bus ride in Ireland Kelly screamed at Tamra about rumors that her husband is secretly gay and that Shannon’s husband “beats the shit out of her”- both rumors that were conveyed to her via Vicki.

Watching the show, it is obvious that Vicki still wants to be friends with Tamra and she admitted, “I’m always open to salvageable relationships, but it has to be both sides.” Still, she insists, “They are fixated on the past and they won’t move forward. I am over it, literally. You’ll see coming up that Tamra says I tried to attack her family and attack her marriage. That is not the case.”

She started to say, “What is the truth is [that] Tamra approached Kelly when we were in Ireland and asked Kelly …” Kelly jumped in an shared, ” ‘Did Vicki say my husband cheats on me and my husband is gay?’ And then I said, ‘No, she didn’t say, ‘cheats’ on you. And then that’s when Heather Dubrow goes, ‘You can’t get your story straight.'” When Kelly was asked if Tamra and Heather are still friends, she responded with, “They were never … that was a fake friendship.”

Vicki continued, “Tamra had it in her brain — she never thought it was going to be aired and now she’s fixated saying that I tried to ruin her family. I didn’t try to ruin her family. I don’t care about ruining her family, I’m not that kind of girl. So I don’t understand why she is stuck on this.” To be honest, it makes sense for Tamra to be upset that anyone is spreading rumors about her husband, but Vicki actually does make a really good point: “She is causing it to have so much life when it didn’t have to. She could’ve moved on and not talked about it this year, but she’s playing a victim.”

Vicki insists, “I didn’t go after her marriage; I didn’t go after Shannon’s marriage. They keep saying it over and over and I don’t understand it. If they don’t want to draw attention to it, then why do they keep talking about it? You’re going to see a lot of that this year.”

Even though Tamra and Shannon want nothing to do with Vicki this season, they are actually getting along with Kelly (so far) which is pretty surprising. Kelly said, “I think that I don’t have a problem with anybody until the end. I get along with everybody. But we also laugh and we have a good time. We go to Iceland and some major drama happens there.” Vicki added, “As usual. Every cast trip — it’s crazy. I think it’s a great season.” I beg to differ on that last part, but hopefully it picks up.

It’s definitely a tough season for Tamra so far since her ongoing estrangement from her daughter has become a big part of her story line. Vicki shared, “I texted her and told her that I wish her the very best and I’m sorry she’s going through a tough time. The problem is that it’s never reciprocated with her towards me.”

So far this season has been lacking. Most of the fans can agree on this and it’s because most of the cast refuses to see each other. Vicki said, “They’re causing their own demise. If they don’t want to film, then they can go back home.” And Kelly said, “They’re burying themselves.” And the show. They’re burying the show. Let’s just hope things pick up.

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