NeNe Leakes & Andy Cohen Address Jennifer Lawrence’s Comments About Being A “Self-Appointed Producer” On Real Housewives

Even though Jennifer Lawrence is an Academy Award winning actress, she is a Bravo viewer just like the rest of us. Well, she’s just like the rest of us if we all had Andy Cohen’s phone number saved in our contacts.

Not only does Jennifer watch all the same Bravo shows as the rest of us, but she actually gets the opportunity to share her feedback with Andy about Real Housewives. Does she actually have a say in what goes down in the franchise? Andy and NeNe Leakes open up about JLaw’s Housewives fandom.

The king of Bravo was caught by TMZ cameras while he made his way through an airport. Andy was asked, “Is it true about what Jennifer Lawrence has been saying about how she’s a ‘self appointed producer’ of Real Housewives?”

Andy laughed and answered, “Self-appointed is a good title. She’s an enthusiast. I love her input. It’s the truth. I do ask her opinion about things and she gives it to me. I like it. I like to hear what her opinions are.”

When asked if he would say “she’s obsessed with the show,” Andy admitted, “I would. I definitely would.” He also shared, “She tells me who she likes. She tells me who she doesn’t like.” Andy didn’t reveal if Jennifer actually has any sway when it comes to sharing her opinions, but one person who definitely thinks that she doesn’t is NeNe.

NeNe sarcastically told TMZ, “I didn’t know that Jennifer was a producer.” When asked to name her favorite JLaw film, NeNe seemed to be throwing shade (as per usual) when she said, “I don’t have any one in particular that I’m just in love with.” Ouch.

When she was asked about JLaw’s Real Housewives fandom, NeNe didn’t seem to care at all and just said, “I thought she was a big Kardashian fan.”

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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]