Meghan Edmonds Is Happy She Wasn’t Invited To Kelly Dodd’s Party

The Real Housewives of Orange County fans will always appreciate Meghan Edmonds for investigating Brooks Ayers during her first year on the show, but she is just not delivering anything of that caliber this season. It just doesn’t make the most sense for her to be on this show. She didn’t even interact with any other cast members for the first three episodes of this season. She’s reaching for a story line by beefing with Kelly Dodd over a text message conversation (which she started) that went down months before this season started filming.

She went behind Kelly’s back to tell Shannon Beador that Kelly believed their hang out was being secretly recorded. She called up Shannon and Tamra Judge immediately to relay information after she had lunch with Vicki Gunvalson. Other than Peggy Sulahian rudely grabbing Meghan’s lips and pressing them shut, Meghan doesn’t have a legitimate story line so far…. other than stirring the pot. In terms of real life, this is probably a great thing. She’s not undergoing surgery, suffering to shed weight, or getting plates thrown at her. She is doing alright in comparison to many other people in this cast, but as far as the show goes: her story line is lacking.

Everyone except for Meghan was invited to Kelly’s volleyball match and pre-breast reduction party. As a result, some of the crew members were assigned to film Meghan with her cousin/nanny hanging out at the crib instead of shooting at the party with the rest of the cast.. That explains why Meghan didn’t have much insight on any of drama that went down and did a super short Bravo blog. She wrote, “After a couple of emotional and dramatic episodes, this was a nice, easy week for me!”

Meghan remarked, “The volleyball party was a cluster of high emotions and miscommunication, and I’m SO glad I wasn’t there! I think it kind of speaks for itself that I couldn’t have been happier to be at home, in my slippers and relaxing with my babies.” Good for Meghan. As a human being, I don’t blame her for feeling this way. On the other hand, as viewer I was less than riveted by her scenes this week.

At the end of her blog, Meghan teased, “Did you see the preview for what’s to come this season? My taking it easy doesn’t last very long…stay tuned!”

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Tonight is an all new episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. “Kelly goes into her breast reduction surgery with the sentimental support of her husband Michael. Tamra shares with Meghan her concern over Shannon’s recent behavior. Vicki and Shannon visit Kelly while she recovers at home. Shannon invites Tamra, Meghan, Kelly and Peggy out to dinner where Peggy defiantly defeats a deluge of digs from Kelly. And later, Lydia calls Tamra to invite her to Doug’s Balls Voyage party, but finds out that her invite to Shannon’s dinner was apparently lost at sea.” Join us for the live-snarking at 9/8 C!


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