Vanderpump Rules Jax & Brittany Take Kentucky Season Finale Recap: If You Can’t Take the Heat, Get Out of Kentucky

Jax & Brittany Take Kentucky Season Finale

If you’re still watching Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky, the train wreck of a spin off that gave us six episodes to tide us over until Vanderpump Rules starts again, then you probably saw the escalation of Jax Taylor’s bad behavior from a mile away. This week, Jax takes that bad behavior to a whole new level of douchy-ness, resulting in him blatantly disrespecting girlfriend Brittany Cartwright, her family, AND her friends. No one is safe when Jax has had a few tequila shots and feeling homesick for L.A.

We start the episode with Jax actually claiming to be enjoying his farm chores as he gets up early with Mamaw to feed the chickens and the cows. Mamaw is so impressed that this “city boy” is enjoying throwing some chicken feed into a pen and heaps a chicken’s turd worth of praise on him about what a man this makes him. I guess Mamaw is hurting for company since her standards are so low but either way, Jax seems to do no wrong in her eyes.

As they walk back to the house, Mamaw asks Jax how he met Brittany and he weaves a romantic tale about being in Vegas and seeing a beautiful woman across the room (Brittany, we presume), getting her number, and then her moving to L.A.two weeks later. Cut to Brittany’s friend also telling the same story, but this time it’s slightly less romantic – she asked Jax to go and play Jenga with Brittany and his response was that he would….errrrrrr…..chow down on her rump right now. OK, he used much cruder language than that but I really can’t bring myself to repeat it, even for the sake of this recap. Sorry, guys.

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Back at Sherri’s house, Jax and Brittany get ready to go out for their last night in Kentucky. They are meeting all of her family and friends for dinner and it’s already a full table when they arrive. Everyone orders and Jax tries to get something sensible, claiming that he’s gained weight with all the fried food this trip. As they settle into dinner, the family wants to know if they will be back for Christmas and Jax says no, despite assuring Mamaw just a few days earlier that they would be there for the holidays. Brittany is annoyed and explains that Jax always does this, says one thing and then completely denies ever saying it. Yeah, there is a word for that – it’s called lying. You would think she’s pretty used to it by now.

As Jax chats with her family, he starts to get cocky about how this “city slicker” boy has won over her family, thanks to Sherri going on and on about how Mamaw has had a spring in her step since he’s arrived. I don’t know 1) why Jax fancies himself such a city boy when he lives in L.A and 2) Sherri is so eyeroll-worthy of being a Jax groupie – it’s like she’s living out all of her frosted lipstick dreams through her daughter.

When Jax goes to the bathroom, the women in Brittany’s family ask about the details of their fight from the other day and Brittany tries to brush it off, embarrassed that she has to relive what a complete a**hole Jax was being. Brittany’s sister Tiffany is less willing to let it go, telling them all how Jax likes to put himself up on a pedestal and throw in Brittany’s face how he pays for everything. Sherri doesn’t even bat an eye, hoping her little meal ticket to a TV wedding won’t let her down over something as silly as being controlled and manipulated by her significant other.

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After dinner, they all hit the bar and Jax is feeling so good about winning over the family, he cozies up to Don, the one person who definitely isn’t impressed by Jax’s television appearance resume. Don sits him down for a man to man and tells him that he still isn’t sold on him. Jax looks surprised, then spouts some nonsense about “god bless Brittany” since she’s the only woman who can put up with him. How nice FOR HIM! What about what Brittany needs? Don tries to tell him to just focus on making Brittany happy with his heart since that will go much further than money ever could but Jax has already tuned out since he didn’t get the validation he thinks he deserves.

When Jax rejoins Brittany and her friends at the bar to do some shots, Brittany wants him to apologize to her friend Ashley for drunkenly yelling at her the other night. Nice try, Brittany but unfortunately for you, your boyfriend has no redeeming qualities and he makes it well known by refusing to apologize, then slamming back his shot before she can finish her heart felt toast to her friends. Her friends look at him in dismay and Brittany has no choice but to press on with the evening, hoping it will get better.

Jax & Brittany Take Kentucky Season Finale

HA! So much for that plan since the next scene flashes “12 Hours Later” and plays ominous music. It’s the last morning for these two in Kentucky and looks like it will be anything but a good one. Sure enough, Jax went off the rails last night and turned into a total jerk, then ended up staying at a hotel instead of coming home with Brittany.

Brittany‘s family is going to do a dedication ceremony for her grandfather this morning so she frantically calls Jax to find out where he is but gets his voicemail. Brittany goes to talk to Tiffany and Sherri about what happened and explains that Jax yelled at all of her friends and Tiffany last night, all because Tiffany made a comment about him being mean, which he totally is.

Instead of telling Brittany what a disrespectful loser she is dating, Sherri blames her, saying that this is what happens when you go out drinking and they should have just come straight back to the house last night instead of going out. Just as Sherri is getting barf-worthy in her defense of Jax, he arrives by taxi and stomps up to where they are sitting, clearly ready for a fight. He snaps at Tiffany, saying she can leave and she doesn’t even argue with him, but wanders off.

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Brittany tries her best to get him to apologize and Jax goes off about how Tiffany has no right to criticize his relationship. All Brittany wants is for Jax to be more respectful of her and her friends and family but Jax is Jax and no one comes before him and his ego.

Jax whines about how she doesn’t have his back, no matter how horrible his behavior is and goes in on Brittany about how her friend made the comment that her life was better before him. Jax highly doubts that, as he tells us in his talking head, because you know, Brittany would still be drinking in strip malls with toothless people if it weren’t for him. This is a prime example of how Jax thinks he’s better than everyone in Brittany’s life, including Brittany herself, even though he tries to deny it. Brittany is now crying, saying that Jax has an anger problem and as he continues to yell at her for using “the waterworks” to make him to blame for everything, Sherri jumps in and instructs Brittany to apologize TO JAX. He storms off.

Jax & Brittany Take Kentucky Season Finale

But with Mamaw’s prodding, Jax joins the family at the gazebo for the dedication ceremony. Too bad he still has a chip on his shoulder so he stands off to the side while the family dabs their eyes and says nice words about their patriarch. Jax is ready to go home and he doesn’t care who knows it.

Once the ceremony is done, Mamaw pushes them together to talk and Brittany has no choice to give him one last shot to apologize for his behavior. True to Jax form, he doesn’t and is impossibly stubborn when she tells him that he can’t talk to her like he has been. She tells him she is going to stay for a few more days and he doesn’t try and talk her out of it. He tells her she is a big girl and can do what she wants, then leaves to pack. Sherri takes him to the airport and Brittany knows that something has to change and this is her last stand.

Looks like Brittany finally got her spark back.


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