NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 03: Television personality Kim Zolciak visits

Least surprising news like ever?! Kim Zolciak likes having sex with Kroy Biermann a lot – like 4 kids in 3 years a lot – and Kim believes without “sex, sex, and more sex” their marriage wouldn’t be as strong.

Well, it’s not like Wigs N Cigs has too many deep insights to discuss with Kroy. The Don’t Be Tardy star admits communication is “definitely not my strong point.” 

Kim explains, “You know, your husband or your wife, they’re not mind readers. As much as I think Kroy is, he’s not. So, I’m consistently and constantly working on that. But, communication is key.” Well good to know Kim has some goals other than the perfect angle to showcase a thigh gap on Instagram!

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Speaking of, apparently Kim’s addiction to social media and her phone causes friction with Kroy, and is a major hindrance to their little communication problem. Let’s just hope the natural segue isn’t snapchatting sexy times. [BARF]

“I think that’s the struggle that is now, you know, part of being a mom, a dad, with children, with your partner – social media, phones, Facebook, Instagram – all this kind of social media stuffKroy will be talking to me and – ding ding – my phone will go off, and it’s an email, or something on Instagram, whatever it is, and I’ll just pick the phone up and he’ll be like, ‘I’m talking to you!’” Kim admits to Page Six. “You know, and so that’s kind of almost a constant struggle in my house.”

I think the struggle is that Kim is obsessed with Kim, and Kim’s image, and well, you know, all things Kim! Luckily it doesn’t look like Kroy is hard to please, or has much to say. So sex it is!

Kim’s show returns this week. Are you tuning in for the new season of Don’t Be Tardy? Check out photos of Kim and Kroy promoting it at Extra this week. Photos in the gallery below.


Photo Credit: J. Kempin/Getty Images for Extra

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