Kim Zolciak Gives Parenting Advice And Warns Parents About The Evils Of Social Media!

Kim Zolciak wants us all to know that no matter how it seems, “I’m a mom first!” and that means defending her daughter’s honor on social media. With six kids of a million different ages, Kim has a lot of experience with motherhood and she’s imparting her wisdom.

In a new interview Kim and eldest daughter Brielle Biermann talked plastic surgery, handling haters, and Kim’s excellent parenting.

Contrary to what Don’t Be Tardy cameras show, Kim doesn’t have “all this staff” and insists she’s a really hands-on mom. “We have a pretty close family, and I’m cool so [Brielle] likes to hang out with me,” says Kim.


Kim takes offense to accusations that she favors Brielle. She doesn’t – it’s just that Ariana doesn’t like social media or famewhoring! “She’s not into the cameras,” shrugs Kim. “She’s totally different than Brielle.” Meaning nothing like Kim!

Ariana definitely does not care,” adds Brielle. “She tries to avoid the cameras as much as she can.”

“I think you parent each child differently,” Kim explains. For instance, KJ dreams of being an actor (Brielle says he has “young Macaulay Culkin vibes”) while the rest of the kids don’t really notice the cameras that have been in their faces since birth.

With Brielle now an adult, their relationship “has evolved,” but Kim is still a mom first – which means defending Brielle!

Recently Brielle was guest ‘Snapping’ for BravoTV and had her looks attacked by haters. A furious Kim lashed out. “I didn’t expect it. It was just one after another after another… I just will never understand how people can just sit there and make a conscious effort and decision to write something negative to somebody. You’re not gonna take your miserable life and put it onto me.”

“I think we’ve opened ourselves up to the world, and we share our lives with the world, but it just doesn’t mean that you have the ability to comment…” Kim tells Perez Hilton.

“It’s made me have to grow up really, really quick because you have to be very strong to be in this industry,” agrees Brielle. She used to make her instagram private, but gave up since she received so many follow requests.

Kim knows she shouldn’t waste her time with social media trolls. “Kroy even gets on me, cause he’s like you don’t have to prove anything to these people… but when it comes to my kids I become a different person.”

“I said I wasn’t gonna let people comment anymore,” continues Kim, but Brielle talked her out of it because of her fans. “It’s very important. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them,” explains Kim. “I run all my own stuff. I try to respond as much as I can. I like engaging with people, but then I also like blocking people. I block people left and right.”

So what inspires such animosity towards Kim and Brielle? “It’s the plastic surgery, I think,” speculates Kim. “I guess they think we have time off? I don’t know when it’s been a week that I’ve had off in ten years.” Ummmm… doesn’t she go on vacations?!

Kim insists Brielle has only done her lips, and denies that Brielle is getting surgeries to look like Kim (or vice versa). “Who’s she supposed to look like?!” Kim scoffs. “She did come out of my hoohah – she is my blood! I am her mom. She has half my DNA.” Kim claims that as Brielle grows up, they naturally look more similar. Umm… except that does Kim even look like Kim anymore?!

Since she’s super mom, combating the evils of social media, Kim warns other parents about the dangers.  But monkey see, monkey do in Kim’s case, right?!

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“The best thing a parent can do is communicate with their child and listen to them,” cautions Kim. “You can lose a child very easily – especially at 14/15/16 and with all the social media…I think even sooner now. I monitor everything.”

“I think parents aren’t involved with their children as much as they maybe should be,” chides Kim. Well perhaps because most parents WORK and don’t have live-in help in the form of maids, nannies, and personal chefs?

Brielle opines that most parents “aren’t as accepting” as Kim. “You’re not like a mom,” she giggles.  Kim denies this – “I’m a mom first,” she declares.


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