Kelly Dodd recently announced that she’s divorcing Michael Dodd (again), and after recently selling their beach-front mansion for $6 million (!), Kelly has decided to look in a “more suburban” area that’s better for her 10-year-old daughter, Jolie.

Well, I guess that means Kelly is also leaving Shannon Beador, as the Real Housewives Of Orange County frenemies are also neighbors in Quiet Womanhood

Despite being emotionally separated, Kelly and Michael are still living together as they search for new homes and finalize the closing on their Corona Del Mar home. Luckily the 4,400 square-foot house has four stories and plenty of space to avoid each other. Or maybe not considering all the fighting Kelly and Michael were doing!

“He’s part of my family, and he always will be, you know? I always want him in my life,” Kelly explained of Michael. “We always want to do things together with [our 10-year-old daughter], Jolie, and it was just, we just can’t live together. That’s it.”

While Jolie is hoping for a backyard and “perhaps a pool,” Kelly has a totally different concern for her new home: “[More] security,” she revealed. “Being behind a guard gate is really my main concern.” It was recently revealed that police have been called to Kelly and Michael’s home numerous times over the years after some pretty nasty fights. Kelly told ET that “just disagreements all the time” finally led to her calling it quits on her 11-year marriage.

Kelly also revealed that after some peaceful months for the couple, viewers will witness her marriage take a “hardcore left” later this season. “It’s either good or really bad.”

And now that Kelly is moving out (and moving on), she’s ready to be more “focused on Kelly.” She revealed, “It’s a new chapter in my life, which I’m pretty excited about.”  Frankly, I’m just glad Kelly decided to end things instead of subjecting us through an uncomfortable and awkward vow renewal, only to find her marriage in trouble again the very next season. I mean we haven’t seen that before, or anything.

Well tonight’s episode of RHOC features a more in-depth look at Kelly and Michael’s dysfunction, when Kelly’s dad visits and notices some eerie similarities from his own rocky marriage with Kelly’s mom. However, the big news is that after several hits and misses, Vicki will finally have a sit-down with Tamra. Then Peggy celebrates her own 22nd wedding anniversary with an over-the-top Armenian shindig that has Diko doing Peggy’s dirty work and confronting Shannon.

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