Report: Diko & Peggy Sulahian Might Be Secretly Divorced

In all honesty Peggy Sulahian is no contender for Rookie of the Year in the Real Housewives franchise. None of her jokes land. She has no relationships with anyone on Real Housewives of Orange County and she doesn’t really have a story line so far. Nevertheless, the most redeeming thing Peggy brought to the show was her solid relationship with husband Diko Sulahian.

Sure, their first episode was super obnoxious with the gift giving and then there was that ostentatious Lamborghini party, but they really had some sweet moments when he accompanied her for her breast reconstruction consultation. My point is that even though she really isn’t wowing me at the moment, most of us can agree that her marriage seems pretty solid…. except for the fact that Peggy and Diko might not actually be married.

According to a report from RadarOnline, Peggy and Diko got divorced married on April 29, 1995 and divorced on March 29, 1996 after he filed based on “irreconcilable differences.”

It’s not uncommon for Real Housewives couples to break up and get back together. NeNe Leakes and Gregg Leakes got divorced and remarried in their own spin-off special. So maybe it’s a similar situation for Peggy and Diko? Apparently not since Radar was unable to find any documents that verify that the couple got remarried.

So are they just together and not actually married? Radar reached out to Peggy’s rep for a comment and there was no response. Hopefully this is addressed on Watch What Happens Live and/or the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion episodes. Or perhaps Peggy will speak out in an upcoming blog or on social media to clear up the report.

[Photo Credit: Bravo]