On Teen Mom 2, it’s more of the same and it seems like some issues will never get resolved in the long term. Jenelle Evans is still at war with mom Barb, despite the custody agreement that was supposed to make everything easier. Kailyn Lowry and ex-husband Javi Marroquin are in the same boat but instead of custody, it’s child support that is dragging out. Briana DeJesus doesn’t have a custody or child support issue yet but likely will in the near future since baby daddy Luis is starting to disappear. Chelsea DeBoer has plenty on her plate between wedding planning, possibly modifying custody and changing Aubree’s last name at Aubree’s request. Leah Messer has her hands full as twins Ali and Aleeah’s fighting escalates. That seems like a good place to start so let’s get going.

Leah is driving the twins to see their dad and they are in the backseat, slapping and hitting each other while they argue over sharing beef jerky. Once they are with dad Corey Simms, the fighting doesn’t stop as Aleeah catches a fish and Ali complains that she’s bored and wants to leave since she can’t really partake in catching fish at the lake. Aleeah reels one in and wants to stay, but they opt to leave and Corey has to break up another fight that starts the second they are in the car with one another. Aleeah is in tears and Corey knows she is acting out because she is getting less attention.

When Leah picks them up, he explains what happened and suggest that they seek out a specialty therapist or support group since it’s starting to get out of control. Leah agrees and talks to Aleeah about it later, asking if she would like to talk to someone and mentioning that she knows she is different from Ali, with different needs.


Aleeah asks if Ali is different because she was squishing her in Leah’s belly and Leah assures her it wasn’t her fault but explains that this would be a good thing to talk to someone about. I’m glad that Leah and Corey are going to get some professional help on this because it certainly isn’t an easy situation to handle on their own.

Chelsea has only two months to put together their wedding reception/party and she has nothing ready so it’s starting to stress her out. She meets with her wedding planner, who is rolling with change after change. Chelsea says she is fine with just throwing up a tent somewhere and the wedding planner has that done the very next day. It’s going to be at a park close by so with that finally taken care of, Chelsea can do fun things, like go cake tasting with Aubree.


But she also has some more serious things on her plate, like talking to her lawyer about firming up her custody agreement with Adam to make sure it’s completely safe for Aubree to be with him. She is also looking into having Aubree’s last name changed to Lind-DeBoer, to represent both of her families. This was Aubree’s idea and Chelsea has a talk with her to confirm that’s what she really wants. When Aubree assures her it is, she has her tell Cole, who is touched and very happy to hear the news.

Kailyn has booked a trip for her and the boys since it’s the last week she can fly in her pregnancy and she knows this is the last family trip they can take before the baby comes. Only one little problem – she is supposed to be going to a child support hearing with Javi the same week. Javi said he would drop it, but not until he gets proof that Kail has dropped the Protection from Abuse against him. He still hasn’t received it, so the court date stands, threatening to cancel Kail’s vacation.

When Javi drops Lincoln off, he comes in and finds out they are going to St. Thomas for this trip and he tells Kail that he still doesn’t have his proof of the PFA being dropped. She tells him of course it is since they are talking and he’s here but finally relents and agrees to get it taken care of, even though she can’t help but remind him again that he would be ruining their trip if he doesn’t drop it.

The day before they are scheduled to leave, even with Kail sending Javi a picture of the dropped PFA, she still hasn’t heard from Javi that the hearing is off and fears her trip will be cancelled. When she finally gets Javi on the phone, he tells her not to worry, he will cancel it and she can go on the trip but to know it’s the last time either of them can take any kind of big trip.

Briana is trying to settle in with baby Stella but without any real help from Luis, her stress is rising. On the second night of Stella being home, Luis left in the middle of the night without explanation and hasn’t been back since. Roxanne and Brittany do their best to comfort Briana, likely knowing this won’t get resolved anytime soon. Briana knew this would happen, even with all of Luis’ reassurances and she’s mad he wouldn’t take adoption seriously but isn’t stepping up now that the baby is here. The next day, Briana is left crying again when Luis doesn’t show due to car issues. But now she has much bigger things to worry about – baby Stella has been breathing heavy and her hands and feet are turning blue so the doctor told them to head to the ER. Briana texts Luis on the way, letting him know what’s going on, but doesn’t receive a response.

Jenelle and fiancé David Eason picked a date for their wedding and it’s only a few months away so they can start planning and sending out save the dates. They decide to do the pictures themselves and the crew is supposed to film but as the producers stand in their driveway, they are getting rapid-fire texts from Jenelle about a massive fight with David. She’s going on and on about how mean he’s being and then they get a text from him, threatening to call the cops if they don’t leave. They have no choice but to take off.


The next day when they arrive again to film, Jenelle is acting like nothing has happened and busies herself showing them her jelly fish tank. Producer Kristen isn’t willing to let it go that easily, despite Jenelle insisting they were just in a bad mood. Kristen brings it up again in front of David, who tries, and fails to convince anyone they weren’t fighting. His voice raises a few octaves and he pretends to look surprised, while he denies any fight at all and Jenelle shifts uncomfortably.


When Kristen won’t let it go, he turns angry and snaps at her that she should focus on filming the good things and the way he says it, coupled with the menacing tone he gives her makes it sound like a threat. He storms out, leaving Jenelle to sit there awkwardly.
Jenelle goes to pick up Jace from Barb and Kaiser from daycare but on the way there, Barb calls with a bone to pick, asking (yelling) at Jenelle as to why she hasn’t booked Jace’s birthday party when it’s only three week away. Jenelle screams at her that if she wants to have custody of Jace, she should plan it and Barb snaps back that they will have their own separate parties then.


Barb definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed because when Jenelle pulls in, Barb immediately appears at her window to yell at her that Jace saw his therapist and she suggested that Jenelle attend some sessions with him. But Barb wants to make sure she doesn’t include David in this because Jace is already anxious about the idea of moving in with them and Barb wants to know where he got that idea. Jenelle has been talking to him about the future and lets Barb know she will fight for custody again down the road. Barb yells at her for being miserable and it looks like no matter how many custody agreements are in place with these two, they will argue until the end of time.

Once Jenelle is finally home, the kids are playing in the yard and they set up a camera to pose on a wooden fence with their wedding date painted onto it. Jenelle and David play happy couple in between screaming at Kaiser to stop touching the camera and they kiss romantically as he throws a tantrum in the background. I think this little clip sums up their relationship perfectly – happy pictures covering up complete chaos.


Photo Credit: MTV