Margaret Josephs Thinks Siggy Flicker’s Slumber Party With Dolores Catania Was Ridiculous; Calls Siggy A “Brat”

I’m just gonna come right out and say it: Margaret Josephs was a great casting choice for The Real Housewives Of New Jersey this year. She’s bringing the crazy pigtails, the psychedelic purse parties, and the toe-to-toe sparring with Siggy Flicker who has become a legend in her own mind. Margaret took her her blog last week to call Siggy and Dolores Catania out on their wacko slumber party, clear up her side of the Boca beach ceremony, and further align herself with Teresa Guidice’s team.

Margaret begins by gushing about her party. Despite her house being under construction and her ovens not working, it turned out to be a good time! She was disappointed that Siggy and Dolores decided not to attend, even though she’d extended invites to the entire group. “I couldn’t wait to invite the Boca babes! I had such a good time with them and was wanting more. That’s not me being a wannabe, that’s just me being me. (Oh, and Siggy: I don’t need to go out of my way to be nice to anyone, it comes naturally—as natural as my boobs, thank you very much! Also, my being nice to someone doesn’t detract from how I feel about anyone else. I can compartmentalize much better than most and don’t need to dull someone’s sparkle to shine.)”

“I have a whole lotta love to give and there’s enough to go around,” continues Margaret. “Even for Siggy, despite her name-calling and wanting to pull my pigtails out…LOL! And for Dolores: I don’t need to call out anyone’s bad behavior to turn people against Siggy—she’s got quite the talent for doing that on her own. But anyway, slithering on…”

When she visited Envy, Margaret bonded with Melissa Gorga over being fellow “businesswomen,” also sharing with them that Siggy has blocked her on social media “after accusing me of basically breaking into her ‘private beach club’ and keeping her out of everything we did. I mean..I guess that’s where it went south, LOL.”

Margaret claims that the flower ceremony she arranged for Teresa didn’t occur on any sort of “private” club, though. “Let’s clear some things up: it’s a hotel. A public one. A Waldorf Astoria resort. Anyone can walk in and do what they want. I’ve had lunch there numerous times, though I don’t stay there, because I stay at a club in Palm Beach, but anyway… I saw flowers in the hotel lobby while we were walking through to a yoga session Danielle [Staub] and Teresa had planned, and I told the concierge I wanted to do something special for all of us. I explained what I wanted, and he called the florist and BAM—simple as that. Concierges and florists really know how to deliver…(see what I did there? You’re welcome.) And thank you to the Boca Beach Club for making a tagalong guest feel like a guest of honor!”

So, wait – Siggy doesn’t own the beach? Boca Raton is not HER TOWN?!? Oh, the humanity!

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Moving on to Siggy’s refusal to attend her party, Margaret writes in her blog, “Yes, Siggy declined the invitation to my party with class and respect (gotta hand that to her) until she hung up on me like a brat. I call that a 50/50 split on effect. Did she prove a point? Yes, but I don’t think it was the point she meant to prove. It would seem I’m being painted as the ‘mean girl’ here, but I invited Siggy to my party in a genuine place of moving on.”

Melissa and Danielle were more surprised, but I was really surprised. Melissa’s dealt with Siggy more than I have, so I should’ve taken my cues from her. I didn’t expect an adult, much less an expert on relationships, to conduct herself that way with a new relationship. Lots of assumptions, accusations, and attacks, but I guess that means I’m ‘toxic’ by being truthful. Personally, I find it easy to move on, because I don’t take anything or anyone seriously — especially if they take themselves so seriously. Then it’s hard to see them as anything but weak and ridiculous. Either way, holding a grudge is simply not my style.” But yanking up her Spanx while walking around with her hair in rollers is “classic Marge” – and that’s probably why I’m digging this chick so far!

After she watched footage of Siggy saying “I hate that b*tch” to Teresa over wine, Margaret agrees that Psycho Siggy came through loud and clear. And she continued to rear her head during the absolutely juvenile slumber party with Dolores later. Margaret snarks, “Siggy ‘respectfully’ declined my invite and then went out of her way to be disrespectfully ridiculous. To be honest, I found it endearing, and it read as more of an ‘Homage to the Marge’ than anything else. I’m truly flattered. It was almost as sweet and adorable as my cotton candy martinis.”

Despite their middle school behavior, Margaret claims,”I still wish Siggy and Dolores had shown up. Had she come, I would’ve welcome Siggy as a guest of honor, thanked her for introducing me to the ladies, and crossed over the bridge of tears with her. That’s how you host a party, babe: no saltiness in sight.”

“To me, friendship is not a competition. There is a place for everyone in a circle of friends. This isn’t Survivor,” argues Margaret, who was ready to make amends with Siggy at the diner the next day – even if she was walking into a mine field!

Margaret reflects, “I walked in not knowing what to expect but aware she was in the throes of a stage five meltdown, and I wanted to tread carefully and avoid the waterworks… HOWEVER, being my typical obnoxious, wiseass, funny self was not what the doctor would have ordered. I just can’t help it. I struggled to understand the depth of her feelings and the nature of why she’s so threatened and territorial, but then I saw it was nothing more than insecurity and overcompensation for fears of inferiority. That’s where that comment came from: the ‘trying to destroy you’ comment. It’s very telling. Either she REALLY has a thing against pigtails or a thing against powerhouses. That’s not talent, that’s ego. That’s not empowerment, that’s malice. That’s not sanity, that’s delusion.”

But Margaret was glad to get past their drama (at least temporarily) in the end. “I believe a true friend is honest and sincere, in the good and the bad, and at every turn. I can poke fun at myself just as quickly as I could of anything. As soon as Siggy cried over cheese fries, I felt awful. My intention is not to hurt anyone’s feelings or upset them—I just want to lighten the mood and liven up the place. ‘Tongue in cheek,’ to use her phrase. My apology was completely genuine and from the heart, and let’s just take note: There was one apology in the diner that day, and it didn’t come from Siggy. Like I said: I don’t hold grudges, I hold standards.”

In tonight’s episode of RHONJ, we’ll see another stage five meltdown ensue when Dolores goes absolutely ape-sh*t on DanielleWelcome back, scumbag!!!! just might be the next golden catchphrase in Housewives merchandising, y’all. It’s gonna be crazy, in the best way possible.

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