Vicki & Tamra shopping in Iceland

Normally, I’m all for any Real Housewives feud, but the issues between Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge stopped entertaining me a long time ago. Their refusal to acknowledge each other – other than to bring up issues from YEARS ago without actually moving forward – has really fragmented the show. #NotMyRealHousewives.

I loved seeing the two of them giggling and being playful while they shopped for coats during the last episode in Iceland. It was also very awkward (yet low key entertaining) to see Shannon Beador‘s disapproval and discomfort in response to their interaction. The episode wasn’t all laughs and shopping for Vicki though. She had a serious medical scare at the end of it.

Vicki had a lot to say in her latest Bravo blog post.

The OG of the OC went in on Tamra (yet again), claiming, “I have a diary dating back over four years with ALL of the lies she has accused me of, which I have not called her out on. Doing so will serve not good purpose.” Why would Vicki have a diary of all the lies Tamra accused her of? Wouldn’t it make more sense for her to have a diary keeping track of Tamra’s lies? We are all very much aware of the accusations Tamra has thrown toward Vicki.

Vicki stated, “She will continue to defend herself and will never apologize or take accountability for her actions. When I asked her to meet me for tea a few episodes back, I went with the hope that we could put the past behind us and move forward.” Really? How was continuing to discuss rumors about Tamra’s husband and theorizing that he was only with her to open up a gym on the path toward moving forward?

Nevertheless, she insists, “I was fully prepared to apologize and take accountability for when I’ve hurt her, but when she asked, ‘What’s up?’ followed by, ‘What have I ever done to you?’ I was speechless. Does she really think that she has done NOTHING to hurt me?” They’ve both done some horrible shit to each other. Can they just move forward and argue about new problems instead of rehashing the same issues for three years with zero resolve? Is that so much to ask? Maybe it is since I’m talking about this in terms of a TV show and this is a real friendship that fell to shit, but hopefully the other viewers get what I’m saying here.

Vicki admitted, “It was really nice laughing again with Tamra. After all the hurt we both have caused each other, it felt good at least for that moment to feel like we could be back on track. Seeing all the flashbacks of all of our fun times over the past 10 years made me sad and happy.” SAME, VICKI. SAME. SAME. SAME. I too was getting very sentimental watching all of those flashbacks. And Vicki stopped with the reminiscing and returned to discussing the same old shit. She wrote, “I will take accountability for what I have done to hurt her, but I guess I can’t expect any accountability or apology on her end.” OK. We get it.

She shared, “I have talked to Steve [Lodge] about this a lot, so he knows how much this conflict between Tamra and I has affected me. His advice to me is to offer a sincere apology and not to ask or expect anything in return. Steve calls it a ‘naked apology.’ I told her last year at the reunion that IF I could take back discussing Eddie [Judge] privately with Kelly [Dodd], I would — what more can I do?” Vicki should stop perpetuating the Eddie rumors. That would be a solid start. What is the point of taking responsibility for something if she is just going to do the same shit over and over again?

I always wonder why the tension is always so high on a Real Housewives trip and now I’m thinking that lack of sleep is probably a major factor. Vicki revealed, “The trip to Iceland was four days long, and two of them we traveled, so to say that we were tired is an understatement.” That does not sound fun at all. No wonder these women are snapping at each other so easily. It’s brilliant on behalf of the production companies though. Paying for a “short” vacation is low on the budget and high on the drama.

Vicki discussed the end of the episode: “When I got back to the hotel, I wasn’t feeling good at all. I don’t know if it was overexertion, lack of sleep, lack of water or what. I could feel my heart beating really fast. I just wanted to sleep it off and elected not go to dinner. When Kelly and Peggy [Sulahian] came to my room to check up on me, they said I looked really bad, so they called down to Fridrik to come check on me. He called the police and paramedics after taking my pulse, he said it was rapid and wanted to be on the safe side and check it out. Stay tuned next week on what happened next.” Damn. Such a scary note to end the episode on.

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