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Vicki Gunvalson Responds To Son Michael Wolfsmith’s Dig At Fiance Steve Lodge’s Run For Governor Of California

There’s no doubt that Vicki Gunvalson has always been an unusual character since the dawn of the Real Housewives of Orange County. Her life revolves around selling insurance, embarrassing her kids, and drinking martinis with blue cheese olives, in that order. It is literally her onus to be a pot-stirrer that cannot help but spread rumors. And she doesn’t care who it affects —  whether it’s her BFF Tamra Judge or her fellow fired frenemy Kelly Dodd. Even if she put her foot in her mouth, the gossip would find a way to escape her.

While Vicki has definitely made questionable decisions throughout her time on RHOC, she’s the OG of the OC. Well, before she left after being demoted in Season 14 and having a major meltdown aimed at Bravo producers. And she’s just so goofy. She’s prone to screaming and being clumsy as hell. She’s always been desperate to keep her love tank full, even if she prioritized work over everything else. Vicki is a legend in her own right, despite her ungraceful downfall.

Real Housewives Of Orange County Kelly Dodd

Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson hasn’t been the best judge of character when it comes to men. Vicki ditched her sweet husband of 20 years, Donn Gunvalson. Who didn’t love Donn?

Then the RHOC star dated alleged cancer scammer, Brooks Ayers. Brooks was beyond shady. Finally the couple ended that dumpster fire of a relationship.

Vicki & Michael

Well, I guess some things don’t run in the family and we’ll call that a win for Vicki Gunvalson’s long-suffering son, Michael Wolfsmith. Being the child of the Real Housewives of Orange County alum has been an exercise in both patience and futility for Michael and sister, Briana Culberson. Vicki made no secret about wanting to be in every aspect of her kids’ life, until she had to choose between a man and her daughter and basically picked the guy.

Michael and Briana are trying to live under the radar and have geographically moved as far away from Vicki as possible. Michael now resides in Hawaii where Vick can’t just show up in bootleg jeans and do inverted keg stands with no warning. He does keep up with her antics via social media and has some thoughts about mommy’s fiancé running for Governor of California. Now Mike joins the rest of us in hoping much like Brooks Ayers’ teeth, Steve Chavez Lodge’s gubernatorial bid isn’t funded by the Bank of Vicki.

Vicki Gunvalson Says Brooks Ayers “Blocked Me On Everything” Following Cancer Scam; She Still Doesn’t Forgive Producers, Says “They Had A Boring Cast” And “Hooked In To Brooks”

Real Housewives of Orange County wasn’t always a hot mess. In fact, RHOC had an amazing run from Season 3 to Season 11. That’s nine seasons of good TV, which is a difficult feat for any show, scripted or otherwise. We can attribute a lot of this success to stellar casting decisions. For instance, Tamra Judge’s arrival in Season 3 changed everything about the OC. Heather Dubrow’s debut in Season 7 had the same positive effect on the show. After Season 11 however things went south – or at least THAT’S MY OPINION. I attribute the descent into awfulness to two things. The first is the casting of Kelly Dodd and Heather’s subsequent termination. Now, after five years, Bravo finally saw the light and reversed their terrible mistake.

The second catalyst of this downward trajectory was Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers’ cancer scam in Season 10. Brooks was rightfully questioned by the women on the show for all of his past shady behavior. To rehab his image, Brooks faked having cancer for sympathy. This phony story was initially brought to light by Tamra’s psychic, and then vehemently unraveled thanks to the serious detective work of Meghan King. Vicki has always claimed she “wasn’t in on a cancer scam!” She just wanted casseroles. Most people agree with Shannon Beador’s assessment that Vicki is “too smart” to not know. Bottom line, this cancer scam put a dark spot on RHOC and showed the lengths desperate people will go to on reality TV. Regardless of Vicki’s involvement, this dark spot will always be over her head.

Vicki Gunvalson’s Fiancé Steve Lodge Is Running For Governor Of California

Denizens of California, take a deep breath and exhale a sigh of relief! Are you troubled by the fact that your state is basically on fire? Are you concerned Caitlyn Jenner might soon bring her driving techniques to Sacramento? Well sit back and relax because voters can now put the fate of their great state in the hands of Vicki Gunvalson’s boyfriend.

That’s right, the Real Housewives of Orange County alum could find herself going from OG to First Lady. Steve Chavez Lodge is making some new moves since leaving the Santa Ana PD and spending quality time on Vicki’s living room recliner. Steve enjoys sitting in the Puerto Vallarta condo Vicki bought and riding away from Vicki on the motorcycle she gifted him. Apparently Steve also enjoys running for office and just made a surprising announcement. Steve is throwing his hat and Vicki’s money into the race for Governor of California.

Vicki Gunvalson Doesn’t Get Why Shannon Beador Is Still On Real Housewives Of Orange County; Slams Shannon As Difficult To Work With

Shannon Beador was always difficult to watch for some Real Housewives of Orange County fans.  Shrill, uptight, and defensive from day one.  At first, it could have been blamed on an unhappy marriage to David Beador.  But once the two split-up, and Shannon was finally representing herself, RHOC viewers could see that David only influenced her behavior so much.  Shannon is just…..Shannon.  Shrill, up tight, and defensive.

Even her participation with the Tres Amigas could only spare viewers for so long.  When Vicki Gunvalson left the show after fourteen seasons, it disbanded the friendship between herself, Shannon, and Tamra Judge.  Their drunken rampages were the only watchable moments for Shannon.  Now, we have cringe-worthy moments with new love John Janssen.  Not that Vicki was any better.  Her relationship with Brooks Ayers  brought her to her lowest point by engaging her in a cancer scam.  But once Brooks slithered off, Vicki was still….Vicki.  Now she is whooping it up with Steve Lodge.  And even though she’s left the show, Vicki is ready to give her opinion about the remaining cast.  Namely, her old friend Shannon.

Braunwyn Windham-Burke, Vicki Gunvalson

Take a deep, cleansing breath because we have an update on Vicki Gunvalson! For the most part, Vicki can be found lamenting about her glory days on Real Housewives of Orange County. Vicki is still in recovery due to the enormous chip on her shoulder that manifested as a result of getting pink slipped. But Vicki has other things going for her, healthy grandkids, her own business, and fiancé Steve Chavez Lodge.

Instead of focusing on what she does have, Vicki clings to what she lost. She isn’t fond of the RHOC cast that carried on in her absence and she makes no bones about sharing her dismay. She seems particularly jealous wary of Braunwyn Windham-Burke, despite the fact that Braunwyn isn’t checking for Vicki (to be fair, no one checks for Vicki). Recently, Vickster revealed she didn’t like Braunwyn from the jump, which basically makes Braunwyn like everyone else Vicki has ever met.

Former Real Housewives Of Orange County Star Vicki Gunvalson Denies Dumping Steve Lodge For 23 Year Old Boy Toy

We are living in a world without Real Housewives of Orange County alum Vicki Gunvalson on our televisions. Gone are the days of peeing on someone’s bed. Screaming about threesomes in snow-covered mountains are mere memories. And waxing poetic about the necessity of properly fueled love tanks is in the past. Pause for brief wave of nausea… Yes, Vicki is gone, but she certainly isn’t forgotten – because she won’t let us forget her.

Last time Vicki was featured on RHOC, she had been demoted to a “friend of” the cast. Though to be fair, Vicki really isn’t much of a friend to anyone. Rumors buzzed there was an #ultimatumbybravo implying Vickster had to get engaged to avoid being tossed to the cornfield a la Peggy Sulahain. In 2019 Steve Lodge, Vicki’s paramour, bit the bullet and asked for Vicki’s hand in marriage after 3 years of dating. Here we are, in 2021, and Vicki is still not Mrs. Chavez Lodge. People have speculated Steve packed his bags and escaped left Vicki, but she says it’s not true. Recently Vicki’s PR the streets were whispering Vicki got herself a younger man. Now Vicki does what she does best, denies it.