Kelly Dodd Thinks Lydia McLaughlin’s Fight With Tamra Judge About The Group Text “Was Completely Ridiculous”

Who would have thought that Kelly Dodd would be the most reasonable and likable cast member on Real Housewives of Orange County (by far)!? She is the only one who has been consistently enjoyable to watch and she usually has some insightful commentary.

She stayed out of the fray during the group trip to Iceland during the last episode, but she had a lot to say about the boring excuses for story lines that we were subjected to “drama.”

In her Bravo blog post, Kelly wrote, “Lydia’s [McLaughlin] fight with Tamra [Judge] about the group text message was completely ridiculous. Tamra was a bit dismissive, and Lydia completely overreacted, so I’m glad they were able to address it quickly and move on.” Quickly? Lydia threw a menu at Tamra and left the group to collect herself? For someone who wants no part in taking part in most of the group interests, she is very touchy about being left out.

Someone who didn’t feel left out was Shannon Beador who did what she could to help squash the situation between Lydia and her girl Tamra? Was she helping or inadvertently making it worse. Well, according to Kelly it was the latter. Kelly said, “‘Inadvertently’ must have been on Shannon’s Word of the Day calendar, because she kept ‘inadvertently’ getting involved in Lydia and Tamra’s argument.” It is completely understandable why Lydia was upset, but Tamra did not seem to understand at all. It honestly just looked like Shannon was trying to make it clear- instead of just further stirring the pot. Kelly wrote, “I think Shannon only has the best intentions, but this is a great example of why we all need to stay out of other people’s disputes…they only end up escalating. Never underestimate the power of playing it off, Shannon!” If the women on this show stayed out of each other’s disputes, there would be no show.

Even though Kelly and Shannon were mortal enemies last season, they are getting along pretty well this time around (so far, anyway). Kelly admitted, “Speaking of which, it’s troubling the way that Shannon feels the need to keep making jokes about her figure. She’s always talking about food, clothing sizes, or exercise. Andy Warhol famously said to always point out your beauty defects right away, rather than take the chance that somebody else notices them and has the satisfaction of doing it for you. I think Shannon has taken that practice one step too far. She looks great! She should own it and make the best of it.” Of course Shannon was a victim of some pretty tough editing this season. It felt like the camera crew made it a point to zoom in on every bite of food that she consumed and that whoever is editing these episodes went out of the way to include the comments she made about her own weight.

Now onto the serious part of the episode: Vicki Gunvalson’s health problems. Kelly recalled, “It was so scary when we got back to the hotel and Vicki got sick. It seemed like she was having an anxiety attack. Peggy was being severely annoying, insisting on pushing me aside and taking care of Vicki herself. She was giving Vicki even more anxiety while I was trying to calm her down.” Peggy always manages to do the most while contributing nothing at all.

Kelly continued, “I was terrified for Vicki…especially when the police showed up. I was terrified for Vicki and felt like she really needed me there to hold her hand through this ordeal. Peggy’s obnoxious behavior only made matters worse. To be continued…you’ll have to stay tuned to see what happens with that!”

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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]