Peggy Sulahian Explains Why She Got A Double Mastectomy; Criticizes RHOC Cast Mates For Questioning Her

Peggy Sulahian’s decision to undergo a double mastectomy this past year has stirred up constant questions among the cast of The Real Housewives Of Orange County. Shannon Beador accused Peggy of telling two different stories regarding whether she actually had cancer or not, and just about everyone else was left even more confused when Peggy (and Diko) attempted to explain the specific circumstances surrounding her cancer status.

Peggy wants to set the record straight now, and she also wants her cast mates to back off. Regarding cancer, Peggy says, “I did have it. So when you’re questioning it, you’re still not understanding what I’m telling you.” She further describes the questioning she experienced as more of an “interrogation.”

Admitting that she and Diko did talk circles around the subject, Peggy confesses that they originally wanted to avoid referring to “cancer” as much as possible on camera. The couple claims that they didn’t want Peggy’s health issues to be prominently featured on RHOC, but of course that’s exactly what happened, despite their wishes.

Peggy tells ET in an interview that doctors originally found 3-millimeters of cancerous cells in one breast, and that this growth increased by twenty-five percent between the time it was found and her very next doctor’s appointment. Even though Peggy tested negative for the BRCA gene (a genetic cancer predictor), her growth was described as “aggressive,” therefore she made the decision to pursue surgery.

There were also emotional reasons surrounding Peggy’s decision, as well a familial history of breast cancer (her mother died from breast cancer when Peggy was 21 years old) that influenced her choice. Peggy shares that her diagnosis also came within months of her father passing away, and she barely had time to grieve. She says, “I haven’t even processed my cancer, let alone my dad’s death, because that was really hurtful and one year hasn’t even passed.”

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When the RHOC women began questioning Peggy’s health, she admits she was confused herself on how exactly to explain it. She was also hurt by their seemingly callous treatment of her throughout the season, even though they knew she was recovering from a major surgery.

Peggy reflects, “All through the process of filming, I had expanders, I was in pain … I was taking medication [on the Iceland trip] for my pain that the doctor, of course, prescribed … nobody asked [if I was OK].”

You know, Peggy might have talked cryptically about her health issues, but really – who cares? If a woman makes the drastic decision to get a double mastectomy, the normal response should probably be along the lines of: I’m so sorry to hear that. Is there anything I can do? Sadly, it seems Peggy had to pay for the sins of Brooks Ayers from seasons past, which doesn’t seem fair.


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo TV