Danielle Staub Wants To Write A Guide On Getting Engaged; Says She’s Afraid Of Dolores Catania & “Karma Will Be A Big Bitch” To Ashlee Holmes

No one will ever forget Teresa Giudice screaming at Danielle Staub about “getting engaged nineteen times” during the first Real Housewives of New Jersey finale. It was iconic thanks to that table flip. Now, Teresa and Danielle are friends, Danielle is back on Real Housewives and she has a new enemy: Dolores Catania.

Really? Dolores. She is the least shady person in this cast, but Danielle has major issues with her. From telling Teresa that Dolores supposedly said that Teresa “only cares about money” to asking Dolores where “her honey” was, Danielle is just all about “poking the bear” as she says. Thankfully for Dolores (and the viewers) Dolores is not afraid to poke back and it makes for some great television.

Danielle did not hold back during an interview for the Whine With Kelly podcast. After getting asked about the secret to getting engaged, Danielle came up with a great idea: “You know what, I’m thinking I need to write a guide on getting engaged.” Danielle got engaged nineteen times and I can’t even get a text back, so this is definitely a book that I would read. Then again, there really isn’t anything Real Housewives-related that I wouldn’t read.

She was also asked about her “most grandiose engagement” and Danielle gave credit to her ex husband and the father of her two children for that one. Danielle also teased, “You guys will get to see the most beautiful proposal I’ve ever had this season.” I love how she has nineteen other proposals to compare this to.

Although the first two seasons of the show centered a lot around Danielle’s personal life, this time she’s a “Friend of the Housewives” (even though she really should be a full-time cast member) so we usually see her at social events with the other ladies. As much as I love watching Danielle stir shit up within the cast, I do miss seeing her family on TV. Unfortunately for her two daughters, having a mom on TV hasn’t always been easy.

Danielle’s youngest daughter Jillian is a sophomore in college and Danielle shared, “They had costumes for a sorority party and one of them was me. Jillian did not think that was very funny and she told them, ‘You know who I am. You know that’s my mom and I take it very personally.’ I believe in my heart that nobody did that with ill intentions, but they couldn’t understand that for the kids on these shows, it’s not really what they want.”

Moving on to the actual show, Danielle claims, “I was afraid of Dolores, I can’t lie.” I would be scared of someone yelling in my face as well, but Danielle did start that fight- although she still maintains that she was just dispensing the truth. Danielle shared, “I really poked the bear. I did so in knowing that I was speaking the truth, so the worst that could happen is I’ll get yelled at for saying something that was said to me in private. I didn’t realize that i would be denied. Always remember, if I say something, I can back it up.” Show us the receipts, Danielle. She keeps saying that she has proof and I am just dying to see it.

In contrast to her first two seasons, Danielle said, “I’m not afraid to bring it now. That’s for sure.” Was she ever afraid to bring it? I never got that vibe. Ever.

Aside from her willingness to “bring it,” Danielle has made some other changes since her first run on the show. She admitted, “No one faced more scrutiny for their eyebrows than I did and they’re still saying lips.” She also emphasized, “I’ve never had plastic surgery anywhere except for my boobs and I had Botox- massive amounts of Botox. I love Botox.”

Who could ever forget Danielle getting that augmentation during her time on RHONJ? Danielle explained, “I didn’t just want a boob job. I had problems with my boobs. It was nice of Ashlee [Holmes] and them to make fun of that. I’m sure karma will be a real big bitch in their house. I’m just saying.”

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